This section is full of interesting news straight from the world of marijuana. Here you can find the newest information on cannabis studies, medicinal propositions, associations and legal information about growing. We also have a number of interesting tidbits and facts all about our favorite plant.

Cream of Pumpkin and Pancetta Soup

During the coldest months of the year, everyone enjoys a good soup now and then to warm their bellies. This cold December, here at we’re inviting you to try out our Cream of Pumpkin and Pancetta Soup. This delicious dish is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, as well […]

The Origins of Cannabinoids

Recent studies show that the origin of cannabinoids might have something to do with an ancient virus that stimulated the growth of THC and CBD. This conclusion was reached thanks to a group of international investigators after finishing the first ever complete cannabis genome, allowing us to see the origins […]

The Rich and Famous; Arrested for Cannabis Possession

How many of you guys have been stopped and searched, maybe even arrested for cannabis possession? A lot of people have unfortunately been pressured by the police and although they’re only doing their job, it’s still quite a pain. Throughout history, even the rich and famous have been arrested for […]’s Cyber Week – Crazy Prices!

Were you late to Black Friday? No worries, because we’re back with more offers for the last week in November! After Black Friday, we’re opening up even more opportunities during Cyber Week, a new tradition that we’ve decided to adopt. From Monday November 26th until Sunday December 2nd we’ll be […]

Black Friday 2018

After 365 days of waiting, tomorrow, November 23rd, Black Friday is back at! Growers around the world have marked their calendars for the occasions, anxious to make the most of the sales to get their precious growing accessories or seeds. Are you looking to get new lighting for your […]

Recreational Cannabis in the USA

Recreational Cannabis in the USA has expanded to ten states. From the 6th of November 2018 onwards, Michigan has legalized the recreational use of cannabis. This new law will allow people over 21 years old to possess, grow and smoke small amounts of weed legally. Here at we absolutely […] Mystery Box… What’s Inside?!

From the deepest reaches of the internet, comes our brand new Deep Web Box, a mystery box unlike any other you’ve seen online. Bongs, rolling papers, grinders, seeds, dispensers, cannabis lollipops and joint-holders are only some of the many surprises hidden in our Deep Web Boxes. This brand new […]

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

Very few cannabis consumers can grow and consume their own cannabis without any sort of legal restriction in their own country. Amsterdam has always been under close watch by cannabis growers due to the fact that recreational cannabis consumption has been legal there since 1976. This changed when, in 2013, […]

Medicinal Cannabis in US Schools

Sometimes, society and its needs can change so fast that law makers sometimes have to act faster than the judges that approve said laws – this is the case of many states in the USA, and laws regarding the use of medicinal cannabis in US schools. 31 states in total […]

New U.S. Strains in Bulk

The world of cannabis is ever expanding, becoming bigger and better year after year. Seed banks and breeders are getting better and better at their jobs, allowing consumers to get their hands on potent strains that have new and unique flavors. Here at we do our best to give […]

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