Today we’re going to talk about some necessary cannabis crop accessories that any decent grower must be equipped with. There are all sorts of controllers, meters and gauges that allow you to measure and control many different parameters in your grow; this permits you to keep your plants healthy as well as making your grow practically automatic.

The most known and used devices in cannabis grows in both indoor and outdoor grows are thermometers, light timers and humidity controllers. With these controllers you’ll be able to turn on and off your extractors to keep the inside of your grow at the perfect temperature or humidity. You can also use them to control other devices such as air conditioners or heaters for greenhouses.Humidity Controller

There are many different brands available, which are separated intohumidity and temperature, although you can get some two in one products such as the GSE humidity and temperature controller that generate negative pressure to make sure that the extractor is always letting out more air than it lets in; this means that no smells will make their way out of any other place but the extraction tube with its carbon filter.GSE Humidity & Temperature Low Pressure Controller

There are also Water Timers for Indoor Grows. These timers work by seconds, allowing you to adapt the times down to the last second for a perfect watering system. If you want to use a small amount of water you can adjust it just as easy as if you wanted to use a large amount of water. For irrigation controllers you’ll need a water tank, a water pump and a pipe installation.Wassertec Analog Watering Timer

As your indoor grow gets older, you’ll need more controllers such as CO2 controllers. These devices open and close CO2 pumps. They can keep the perfect, stable levels of CO2 in your grow while you’re away during the flowering period, meaning a much higher yield in less time. They tend to be quite expensive although new models like the CO2 Cornwall Electronics controller are at a more manageable price.

New controllers are coming on to the market all the time such as the pH Kontrol, which keeps the pH in your tank at a stable level, using acids when needed to regulate the pH alongside a probe that is constantly measuring the pH level. That way you can be sure that the pH level in your water will never get too low or too high. There’s also an EC Kontrol, which delivers the same functions as the pH one, regulating the electro-conductivity of the water and keeping it balanced. This only deals with fertilizers; if you want to use more additives you’ll need to apply them by hand.Automatic Digital pH Controller

If you want to automate the rest of your irrigation system there’s a Nutrient Kontrol product with four different pumps used to pump whichever liquid you would like in the correct proportion straight to your irrigation water, with an automatically stable EC level. These machines are expensive but they’ll keep your irrigation water perfectly dosed up with nutrients.

Then, there are machines that act as an all-in-1 like the Cli-Mate that controls the lights and the temperature in your grow. Even if this is the only controller you have, you’ll still have a much better grow than if you were to do everything by hand yourself, and you won’t have any strange temperature fluctuations.Cli-Mate Mini Controller

There are controls and meters for all sorts of things these days that basically make life easier, so maybe you should consider making your grow that bit more automatic, and forget about worrying about if you left the lights on or not.

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Erik Collado

With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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