Music and Weed

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer then you probably already know that music and weed go together like PB & J, especially when you want to disconnect from life for a little bit. When you listen to music after consuming marijuana your brain reacts in a different way than if you were completely sober. Your body and mind relax completely, allowing the music to flow freely through your being, making for a much more profound experience. Due to being in such a relaxed state, disconnected from everything around you, you can feel music much more profoundly, being completely invaded by melodies.

Music and WeedIn the 20th Century, many world-famous artists started to publicly declare themselves marijuana consumers, stating that cannabis helped them to compose music and lyrics. They were instantly recognized as representative voices for cannabis legalization, using it as a message of peace. Nowadays, a whole lot of artists and actors have declared publicly that they consume cannabis, and some of them have even built a career around marijuana, although modern artists probably use it more for self-promotion than for peace messages.

Every day more artists are seen consuming cannabis in their music videos, showing giant crops or appearing with a joint in their hand, especially US artists involved in the world of hip-hop. Many of them say that composing under the effects of cannabis creates a much stronger link with their fans, who might listen to the songs while under the same effects and be capable of understanding the more complicated parts.

Cannabis increases the ability to relate concepts and ideas that don’t actually appear to have any sort of relationship, which is why cannabis can be a determining factor for artists who struggle with creativity issues. If a song has been written under the effects of cannabis you’ll probably be able to tell if you’re in the same state that the composer was when he wrote it; your brain will easily be able to detect all of the small details that you wouldn’t notice if you were sober.La música y la hierba

Under these effects, you can hear the notes much clearly, making it easily able to distinguish changes in rhythm and intensity. Sounds that you might not have heard before will be much more audible, giving the song an entirely new perspective. There’s a never ending amount of songs that have been written under the effects of cannabis, and only those who are stoned or high will be able to make the most out of these songs.

Music can also affect your mood quite a lot, so if you’re angry you’ll feel like listening to music that’s a bit more intense than when you’re happy. Cannabis induces people to listen to relaxing and tranquil music that transmits a sense of peace and love. When you listen to music after consuming cannabis, your brain shows changes in the right parieto-occipital area, and in the occipito-temporal area. Alpha waves are constantly active when it comes to musical perception. This can be analyzed through a few different studies, but the most effective way to test this theory is to do it yourself. A lot pf people see smoking a bong or a joint while listen to music as a ritual.

Music and Weed

Scientists across the globe have confirmed that this area should be investigated much more, as there seems to be a clear connection between cannabinoids and hearing capacity. If this area had been studied a bit more and we had more information on the subject, we might be able to come up with a treatment for certain kinds of illnesses.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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