Mothers that Treat their Kids with Cannabis

In this article we’re going to talk about a war that is raging all over the world regarding mothers that treat their kids with cannabis. There are so many illnesses that simply don’t have any sort of treatment or that treatment doesn’t work properly or the side effects can sometimes be worse than the actual illness. It’s been proven that cannabis helps many, many people and among those people are ill children that are capable of having as normal a life as possible thanks to cannabis.

Mothers that Treat their Kids with CannabisCannabis helps thousands of people, more and more every day, although only a select few countries have legalized it medicinally. This means that in other countries, if you want to use it medicinally and know what you’re consuming you’ll have to grow it yourself – many mothers across the world risk their freedom by giving their children cannabis that helps them live normal, healthy lives like any other child.

There are cases upon cases of people who use cannabis as medication, from fibromyalgia sufferers to cancer victims, but what really stands out are the mothers willing to risk everything to treat their children, all the while being judged by the ignorant masses as “bad parents”.

A good cannabis extract contains the perfect ratio of THC and CBD, making it perfectly medicinally useful and hardly psychoactive at all – CBD tends to annul the psychoactive effect brought on by THC. Extracts mixed with olive oil can be used for illnesses to do with the nervous system, such as spasms, convulsions, not being able to control muscles etc. When taken in drops it can be used as a medication as you can easily measure your dosage. There are hundreds of benefits from these extracts, and many more being discovered every day. If you mix it with cream you can use it to treat dry or brittle skin, as a muscle relaxant and it can even be used for pains such as arthrosis in some mild cases.

This kind of medication hardly has any side effects, and the side effects it does have are basically hunger and maybe you’ll feel a bit sleepy. Compare that to the long lists of side effects that many modern medications have. Is it really that bad to give children something that can make their life better without having a slew of side effects?

Mothers that Treat their Kids with CannabisThe cases that stand out the most are a child that had extreme epilepsy and up to 40 attacks a day. This kid had to take 6 different pills a day since he was born, and he would have such strong epileptic attacks that he would hurt himself. The doctors told the parents that nothing more could be done, and his mother began looking for alternative medications and discovered treatment through cannabis. She made some medicinal tincture and with just one drop under the tongue, her son improved drastically and was able to have a normal life. She then went on to found Cultivando Esperanza, a foundation that treats over 60 ill children in Colombia, a country where cannabis is not yet legalized.

Another case that cought our attention was that of a little girl who was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis, which involves a lot of pain and strong, repetitive convulsions. In over 5 years they tried a myriad of different medications for the convulsions but none of them worked, and if they did they had even worse side effects. Like the other kid, her illness got more aggressive and she started to have sight issues. She only began getting better after starting to take cannabis drops, which allowed her to have a more or less normal life. Her mother is the founder of Mamá Cultiva, an association of mothers that treat their epileptic children with cannabis.

It’s hard to understand how so many countries can be against curing and helping people with a harmless drug when things like alcohol and tobacco that cause the illnesses in the first place are completely legal. No matter what happens, there will still be people and parents fighting for freedom to use cannabis as a treatment.

Here in Spain, it’s easy to grow your own weed and get away with it, allowing you to make your own medication without having to trust sketchy dealers or people you don’t know. You can also legally buy products that contain CBD; they’re not as effective as those that contain both THC and CBD but they do offer some relief and medicinal properties; go check out the products containing CBD on our web page.

If you have any questions, doubts, suggestions or stories relating to medicinal use don’t forget to leave a comment and out team of experts here at growbarato will get back to you as soon as they can. Happy growing!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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