Medicinal Cannabis in US Schools

Sometimes, society and its needs can change so fast that law makers sometimes have to act faster than the judges that approve said laws – this is the case of many states in the USA, and laws regarding the use of medicinal cannabis in US schools.

31 states in total have changed the law so that therapeutic cannabis can be used medicinally, although many people still aren’t happy with the fact that it can’t be used in public places. Laws regarding this issue weren’t changed fast enough, causing parents with sick children that require the medication to speak out.

The clearest example of this is the case of an 11 year old girl from Illinois that was sent home for having a medicinal marijuana patch, used to treat her chemotherapy-induced seizures. After some kick-back from parents, a federal judge ruled in the 11 year old’s favor, although in the state of Illinois this ruling is only applicable to her.

One of the most important cases right now is that of Brooke Adams, a five year old girl that suffers from epileptic seizures. The girl, who goes to Village Elementary School in Santa Rosa, was prohibited from taking her cannabis-based medicine to school due to its THC content, the psychoactive substance in cannabis which is banned in public buildings in the states.

Once the school began denying Brooke access to medication on the school grounds, her parents soon took legal action so that their daughter could hopefully get access to the medication she needs to live a healthy and happy life without having to leave the school grounds entirely and miss classes.

After a month of back and forth, judge Charles Marson passed a ruling stating that Adams can now bring her medication to school with her due to the incontrollable nature of her seizures – without her medication she could suffer serious harm and injury.Medicinal Cannabis in US Schools

The Californian Educational Community is Happy with the Decision

After the ruling, Brooke’s parents let local news reporters know that they were incredibly happy with the situation; now their daughter can go to school without worrying about leaving for her medicine.

Educational authorities in the state of California also confirm that they’re elated with the ruling, allowing them to better help students with specific medicinal needs.

The ruling made by Judge Charles Marson is much more important than anyone seems to think; this ruling could slowly spread across the US, or at least the states in which medicinal cannabis is legal, changing the lives of hundreds of children and adults that can’t medicate in public places.

Other Cases in the United States

This week alone has been quite surprising in as far as cannabis legislature; over 3000km away from Santa Rosa, in Florida, a judge in Broward county ruled that students with illnesses such as epilepsy or cancer can legally use and carry medicinal cannabis within educational establishments.

All of these legalizations are happening in small waves over the country, thanks to parents that will stop at nothing to protect their children and keep them safe and healthy.

What Does the US Government think?

There hasn’t been a peep from the white house regarding this issue, although the Department of Health has expressed its concern regarding student’s capacity to administer these treatments to themselves without the help of their families – although it’s also true that nurses can help administer certain medicines.

Anti-cannabis protesters seem adamant that the federal government is going to stop funding public schools that adopt this new policy, although nothing has happened to suggest that this is going to happen any time soon.

Spain and Medicinal Marijuana

Here in Spain, using cannabis in any way, shape or form is entirely illegal, although some regions are beginning to cause ruckus in as far as medicinal cannabis.

Only last month, in the Valencian Autonomous Community (Valencia), the main political parties (PSOE, Ciudadanos, Podemos and Compromís) made a legislative proposal to try and regulate medicinal cannabis in Valencia from a scientific point of view, in accordance with advanced European Union legislations.

Las Cortes Valencianas are looking to create a special committee to study the legality of therapeutic cannabis use, while still respecting the individuality of consumers and allowing them to grow their own plants. These are, of course, preliminary plans still to be set in motion. Hopefully over the next few months we will have more news.

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