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Marijuana restaurants around the world

The business of marijuana restaurants is revolutionizing the world, where hundreds of chefs from around the world are venturing to use cannabis in their recipes as more and more countries are daring to legalize it, showing endless cannabis possibilities never imagined before. Today, we’re going to talk about the restaurants that have recently opened and offer a wide variety of recipes for cannabis cuisine lovers.

The best marijuana restaurants in the world

Among some of the restaurants that can be found in the current cannabis scene are:

Restaurants in Canada

Some time ago in the city of Vancouver, the first restaurant to use cannabis dcide to poen its doors in the country. It’s the pizzeria Mega ILL, where chefs prepare exotic pizzas, with a common ingredient in all of them: cannabis. They make a dough with cannabis-based oil, and then add the rest of the ingredients, leaving no trace of cannabis visible.

The creator of this business is a cancer survivor, who claims to need to consume them regularly. He also claims that thanks to his pizzas, he doesn’t need to take any medication. Additionally, since cannabis was legalized in 2018, numerous cannabis restaurants have emerged, offering everything from cannabis-infused hamburgers to ice cream and all kinds of desserts.

Restaurants in the USA

Cannabis laws in the United States vary greatly from state to state, but what we are seeing nowadays is that more and more states are daring to legalize its therapeutic or even recreational use. Some of the restaurants are:

  • Ganja Gourmet: located in the city of Denver. The restaurant opened its doors once the state of Colorado legalized recreational use. This restaurant offers an immense menu of cannabis recipes, from pizzas, lasagnas, and paellas to all kinds of desserts. Additionally, it has a retro style based on the 60s, which has had a great impact on cannabis consumers in the area, as its food is top quality, and its atmosphere is truly pleasant.
  • On the other hand, in the state of California, there is chef Chris Sayegh, who at just 24 years old, has specialized in all kinds of cannabis-infused dishes. He started by making light desserts like brownies or cookies, but then thought he could take this style to a new level, offering a wide range of dishes for all budgets. For now, his dishes can only be tasted in Los Angeles, but he wants to expand the business throughout California. Some of his restaurants are The Herbal Experience or Layla Restaurant.
Cannabis restaurants

Similarly, cafes like Lowell Café located in West Hollywood opened its doors in 2019. Here, cannabis can be consumed legally, all while accompanied by food or drink, following the functioning of coffee shops. It is one of the few establishments that have managed to obtain the permits to offer it.

Restaurants in the Netherlands

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Dutch space cakes? Holland offers an extremely open culture regarding cannabis, making it one of its main tourist resources. Space cakes are a kind of chocolate “cupcakes” made with cannabis butter. In the process, the marijuana has already been filtered, once it has released all its properties.

In the Netherlands, thousands of these cakes are sold every year, becoming one of the main reasons why people visit the country. Their effects occur much faster than in other types of cannabis foods since they consist largely of chocolate, the sugar makes it go much faster into the blood.

Among other restaurants in this country, the Green House Kitchen in Amsterdam stands out, with a healthy menu and innovative cooking techniques. Here you can taste dishes infused with CBD ranging from vegan burgers to gluten-free cakes.

Restaurants in Cambodia

This Asian country is well known for having a large number of wild varieties, so a series of local restaurants have decided to use these marijuana seeds to improve their recipes. Thus, the “happy pizza” was born, a resource that has become very famous among tourists from all over the world, even being recommended by the travel guide Lovbbis is still illegal, but due to the poverty problems the country faces, the police see it as a lesser evil and ignore it since it is a strong tourist attraction.

Restaurants in Spain

In Spain, you still can’t find many cannabis restaurants. However, Be & Feel stands out, a coffee shop known for its varied menu where dishes are prepared with cannabis.

A central figure in this scenario is chef Xavi Petit, who has made a notable contribution to cannabis gastronomy. This Catalan chef has focused on using quality ingredients and innovative culinary techniques to create dishes that are not only tasty but also healthy.

marijuana restaurants

His restaurant, Petit Bistro, is a place where diners can enjoy a unique and unforgettable culinary experience with dishes like mushroom risotto with CBD oil, combining the classic flavor of risotto with the potential benefits of CBD.

Restaurants in the United Kingdom

In the heart of Brighton, you’ll find The Canna Kitchen. This innovative restaurant offers a completely vegetarian or vegan menu, using local and organic ingredients infused with CBD and other cannabinoids.

The ingestion of cannabis has different consequences than being smoked or consumed, as the processes it has to undergo are different, making it a slower but longer-lasting process. Therefore, one must wait before using another dose to avoid any consequences it may have.

If you’re interested in cannabis gastronomy, you just have to go to our cannabis recipes section on the blog and… enjoy the experience!

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