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Cannabis Mojito – Prep and Recipe

Cannabis recipes are becoming increasingly more popular, especially when it comes to combining it with drinks. One of the most popular cannabis recipes is the cannabis mojito! The best thing about cannabis is the fact that cannabis can be used both recreationally and medicinally, even at the same time depending on the type of cannabis used.

We’re going to have a look at how to make cannabis mojitos, using quite a special recipe taken from the most famous bar in Cuba, known for their mojitos; La Bodeguita del Medio. We’re going to make a special version of their already delicious mojito; the cannabis mojito!

In order to make this deliciously refreshing yet psychoactive drink, you’re going to need a series of ingredients. Let’s have a look at what they are.


  • 7g peppermint
  • 14g refined or brown sugar
  • Juice from half a lemon
  • 45ml of your favorite rum (if possible, high-end white rum)
  • Mineral/soda water
  • 5g cannabis flowers or 20g leaves and stems
  • A couple of cannabis or peppermint leaves for aesthetics

This is a basic recipe that replicates the La Bodeguita del Medio original recipe – you can use sparkling water, Sprite or your preferred fizzy drink. Depending on the mixture used, you’ll be closer or farther from the original recipe. Give it some imagination!

Making cannabis infused rum

The first thing you’ll need to do is infuse your rum with cannabis. To do this, we’ll use two techniques that have the same basic principle.

THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis dissolve easily in alcohol due to maceration – it’s very easy for cannabinoids to dissolve and attach to the alcohol, something that would be impossible with water.

Cannabis-infused rumMethod Number 1

  • Place the 5g of cannabis in a full bottle of rum, white rum if possible.
  • You can use tights as a sort of tea bag, allowing the top of the tights to stick out of the bottle so that you can remove the weed once it’s been macerated. Place the bottle in the fridge and keep it there for 24-48 hours.
  • After the allocated time, take the bottle out, remove your weed and you now have cannabis infused rum.

This is the fastest way to macerate cannabis; the potency depends on various factors, although this method produces rum potent enough for your cannabis mojito.

Method Number 2

  • Place the 5g of cannabis in a full bottle of your preferred rum.
  • Add 20g of cannabis trimmings to the bottle, such as leaves/stems and small buds.
  • Place the bottle in a dark, fresh area and make sure that it’s properly closed.
  • Shake the bottle firmly a couple of times a week.
  • Keep this up for about two months.
  • After two months, open the bottle, strain out the cannabis and pour the rum back into the bottle.

This type of maceration almost fully dilutes cannabinoids, which is why we recommend doing it with leftovers as it can be quite a potent mixture. Also, you’ll need to use less if you use this method for infusing cannabis.

Cannabis Mojito Recipe

If you’ve followed the right steps in order to make your cannabis-infused rum and it’s ready to use, it’s time to start preparing your cannabis mojito.

  • Place the sugar, lemon juice and peppermint in a mojito glass and crush them all together using a pestle until it’s a paste.
  • Now, add the crushed ice, the cannabis-infused rum and one finger of your preferred type of soda water.
  • Decorate your mojito to taste and enjoy – with moderation!

Mojito ingredientsmojito ingredientsCannabis Mojito - Prep and Recipe

Cannabis Mojito with Medicinal Marihuana

Cannabis plants are incredibly versatile when it comes to their effects and properties, making them a mine of effects. That’s why, thanks to cannabis, you can make yourself a cannabis mojito with medicinal marihuana.

Clearly, consuming alcohol has its dangers, although it can also be used to obtain medicinal effects from cannabis without needing to smoke it, which can be quite dangerous for your health.

In order to make medicinal marihuana cannabis mojitos, you’ll simply need to use CBD-rich cannabis when it comes to the maceration process. With this simple change, you can make yourself medicinal rum that you can use to prepare any type of cannabis drink. You can make any kind of drink, or if you’d like you can use this recipe to make yourself a delicious calming, relaxing and refreshing mojito.

What type of cannabis can you use for your cannabis mojito?

You can use pretty much any strain or type of cannabis; the resulting effect depends quite a lot on how dry or humid your weed is, as well as how it’s treated (if it has been decarboxylized or not). For cannabis to be able to produce any type of psychoactive effect, it will need to be dried and cured naturally or decarbed in the oven at 110°C for 40 minutes in the oven.

Using fresh, non-carbed cannabis isn’t a totally bad idea, though, as this type of weed contains non-psychoactive cannabinoids that still have beneficial health benefits, you just won’t get stoned.

Remember, always consume cannabis alcohol in moderation; this recipe is great for having laughs with friends and trying different things, although you can still be safe about it. Enjoy!

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