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Magic truffles’ effects

Magic truffles are often confused with magic mushrooms. Both come from the same mushrooms, which is why their composition is similar, but mushrooms grow on the surface while truffles grow underground. Magic truffles’ effects are similar to those of mushrooms, but the dose is more complicated to calculate as they do not grow evenly.

The hallucinogenic component of magic truffles is Psilocybin, which is transformed into Psilocyne, a substance comparable to serotonin. The body mixes these two elements and activates the same neurotransmitters in both cases; tolerating them perfectly without causing any problems.

However, there are different species of magic truffles and therefore the effects vary.

Most common magic truffles effects

The effects of the various magic truffles are similar, however, the intensity changes. Generally, they cause cerebral effects among which stand out non-traumatic visions (intensity of colours, distortion of the shape of objects, etc.) and feelings of joy, euphoria, and love towards the rest of the participants of the trip.

underground magic truffles

However, a very influential factor is the person; indeed, nerves, anxiety, fears, state of mind, weight, experience, and the people with whom you share the trip, etc., are other factors to be considered.

Psilocybe Mexicana

This is the most common magic truffle, the precursor of the psychedelic boom. Its origin is Mexican and its first uses were for spiritual and religious rites. The effect of magic truffles is very mild and easy to tolerate, but it all depends on the doses used.

Indeed, Mexicana truffles are capable of distorting reality, generating uncontrolled laughter, increasing creativity, and even experiencing intense introspection. Generally, the trip is pleasant.

Psilocybe Galandoi (Atlantis)

This variety of the magic truffle Psilocybe Mexicana has much more powerful effects; starting with the visual alteration of the outside world, where colours and lights are enhanced. Creative ability is also intensified by Atlantis truffles, as well as deep ego analysis.

Psilocybe Pajaritos

This subspecies of Psilocybe Mexicana owes its curious name to the small and compact shape of its sclerotia. Its main effects include uncontrollable laughter and increased creativity. But the most striking effects of these magical truffles are often a better perception of oneself and one’s thoughts, deep personal introspection, and a philosophical outlook on life.

Psilocybe MicroMex

Psilocybe MicroMex is not a truffle variety as such. It was recently created to study how crosses between species develop. The result is a magic truffle with longer effects (between 5 and 7 hours) but lower psychedelic potency.

In particular, it improves creativity as well as mood and motivation. Moreover, it induces introspection, produces clear visual effects, and intensely alters consciousness too.

Psilocybe Hollandia

Easily distinguished by its elongated shape and smooth texture. However, its effect is greater than the others, so it’s important to treat it with caution. At low, medium and high doses, the effects are noticeable. This type of magic truffle sharpens the senses, helps to connect to the environment and transports the mind into parallel worlds.

Psilocybe Tampanensis

This truffle belongs to the Strophariaceae mushroom family. It is more powerful than the Mexican truffle, but only to a moderate degree. It increases the capacity for abstract thoughts and feelings of friendship and love. The effect also causes laughter, mental calm, and the vision of geometric shapes when closing the eyes.

Magic truffles’ effects (secondary)

magic truffle

Many people notice discomfort in the stomach from magic truffles before they feel their effects. Some other sensations may also occur such as

  • Dizziness
  • General discomfort
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Feeling of fear

Furthermore, even if you do not experience any of its effects, it is possible to suffer a ‘bad trip‘; the cause can be the person’s mental and emotional state, the dose, or the location. In a scenario such as this, one practice that helps to reduce the effect of magic truffles is the consumption of sugar or a change of environment.

It is also possible to experience a hangover-like sensation: tiredness, moodiness and heaviness or throbbing in the head. But unlike the alcohol-induced hangover, it disappears after a good night’s sleep.

However, it is very difficult to predict what effect the magic truffles will have on the individual, as this depends on very subjective factors. Of course, magic truffles are not intended to be consumed and should not be consumed under any circumstances because of their dangerousness.

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