Marijuana, just like any other plant, needs nutrients to grow and develop at its best. When plants are grown straight into the ground, soil provides most of the nutrients, but when they are grown in a pot, the grower has to provide the necessary nutrients to make sure that the plant doesn’t suffer deficiencies and is able to provide a generous yield. Liquid fertilizers for plants are the easiest and most appropriate option to reach the set goal.

Liquid fertilizers contain all the nutrients that plants need at each vital cycle. Rooting additives help the roots to penetrate into the soil easily and effectively. Growth fertilizers provide a nitrogen boost that promotes strong leaves and stems while increasing the plants’ immune system and getting them ready for the flowering period, when they need a bit of potassium and phosphorus to grow good quality buds.

When to add liquid fertilizers for plants and how much do they need

These essential nutrients can be added in two ways, either through the substrate or by using fertilizers. The last ones get mixed with irrigation water and are applied to the plants in liquid form to make sure the roots absorb it.

The needed amount varies between the brand, the type of plant and its phase. Plants don’t need the same amount of nitrogen during growth than during the flowering period, the same way they don’t need the same amount of water when they are rooting than when the plant is fully grown. Therefore, getting to know the different phases of the plants and learning to interpret their needs takes time, but the different brands always provide a guide chart with the amount of ml per liter of water to be used.

liquid fertilizers for plants

When do you need to use liquid fertilizers for plants?

There are various ways to use fertilizers. Some growers prefer to alternate only water irrigations with fertilizers while others only water the plants with the nutrients incorporated. It also depends on the stage of the plant, if it’s an indoor or outdoor crop or the weather in the area. Very sunny areas will force the grower to water more often because the substrate dries faster.

However, the same way it happens with the amount and use mode, fertilizing brands normally provide clear indications explaining when to water and when not to.

Marijuana growth charts

Due to the amount of people that have doubts about how and when to use liquid fertilizers for plants; the most important cannabis brands have designed their own growth charts to provide a handy guide for growers. These charts indicate the exact amount of nutrients that needs to be used at each moment. They also include some tips worth taking into account in order to make the most out of each product.

Boom Nutrients, Top Crop, Agrobeta, Plagron…All of these brands have their own growth chart to clear doubts about how and when to use their products. However, it shall be pointed out that these charts only offer guidance; growers’ experience should go first when it comes to identifying plants’ needs. On the other hand, only follow the growth chart if you are planning on using all the products of the same brand, as each manufacturer has its own measures.

boom nutrients growth chart

Types of liquid fertilizers for plants

There is a wide range of plant fertilizers in the market. Choosing one or another depends on the needs of the strain and its growth stage. Some are suitable for growth, some for flowering, rooting additives for the germination phase, rich in potassium, rich in nitrogen, to improve the immune system, to boost bud growth…

GB The Green Brand has created a kit with five fertilizers to improve your grow and boost the yield.

Boom Nutrients Full Pack

Boom Nutrients Full Pack includes three fertilizers that are essential to obtain a successful grow and two additives that improve plants’ roots, stems and immune system, therefore the yield.

This pack includes:

  • Crecimiento Boom: Provides the nitrogen boost plants need during the growth phase to become healthy and vigorous.
  • Floración Boom: Perfect for the second cultivation phase. It boosts buds’ production and size.
  • Candy Boom: This sweetener improves flavors and resin production, which means a greater yield.
  • Roots Boom: The first extra. This root stimulator is very useful to increase plants’ resistance. It increases the root system and facilitates nutrient absorption.
  • Super Boom: An excellent bud fattener that, combined with Candy Boom, guarantees thick, resinous and tasty flowers.

Available sizes:

  • Three main ones 1L + 2 additives 250 ml
  • Three main ones 5L + 2 additives
Boom Nutrients Full Pack
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