The benefits of medicinal marijuana are nothing new, and people are beginning to open up more to the idea, as well as new benefits being discovered all the time. One specific case caught our eye; a little boy who survived two types of cancer thanks to medicinal cannabis.

Deryn was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2010, and began treatment at the young age of 7. A year later, doctors told him that he also had LCH, an extremely rare kind of cancer that only five people in the world have had. This made Deryn one of the few people to have ever suffered two different types of cancer at the same time.

Kid survives two types of cancer thanks to medicinal marijuana

After trying hundreds of different treatments his doctors didn’t know what to do anymore and had to tell the boy’s parents that if he kept getting worse he’d have to be sent to a hospice. Doctors had already told Deryn’s parents that marijuana might help with the pain and other symptoms.

Deryn’s parents were totally against using marijuana as a treatment. Once the doctors told them that Deryn was going to be placed in a hospice, they realized that they had nothing to lose, so his father went looking for somewhere to buy marijuana.

Once they got the goods the next step was to buy a vaporizer; the doctors had told them that this was one of the most beneficial and least damaging ways to consume it. Just a few minutes after trying it, Deryn was much more relaxed and tranquil, claiming that his pain had almost completely gone away, although it still wasn’t enough.

In 2013 Deryn got worse again, and his doctors had him moved to a hospice. This made Deryn extremely depressed, and he even started planning his own funeral due to the fact that morphine was making him feel like he wasn’t alive.

In an act of desperation, his mother decided to feed him marijuana directly; after a while, Deryn’s pain went away, so his mother kept giving him marijuana to eat. A few months later, his doctors told his parents that he was doing amazingly, and that he wasn’t in any imminent danger of passing away. Not long after, he was discharged and went back to school.

This is just one case of hundreds from around the world of people that suffer illnesses and thanks to medicinal healthcare  they can alleviate their pain or even be cured. We hope that more countries begin authorizing the use of medicinal marijuana so that more people can reap the benefits of this amazing plant and its amazing properties.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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