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Indoor cultivation in summer

Indoor cultivation in summer has become increasingly popular for those who wish to continue growing plants even during the hot season using indoor grow tent kits. High temperatures and adverse weather conditions can make outdoor cultivation challenging, leading many to opt for a controlled environment indoors. We will tell you everything about how to carry out this type of cultivation in summer below.

Is indoor cultivation in summer recommended?

Carrying out indoor cultivation during the hotter season can be quite a challenge, although not impossible. To carry them out, the following must be taken into account:

Advantages of indoor cultivation in summer

Some of the advantages of indoor cultivation during this season are:

  • Greater climate control: as it allows for the regulation of temperature, humidity, and light, creating an optimal environment for plants.
  • Protection against pests and diseases: being in a closed environment reduces exposure to possible insects and pathogens.
  • Year-round cultivation: regardless of external conditions, a constant growth cycle can be maintained.

Challenges of indoor cultivation in summer

On the other hand, indoor cultivation in summer presents different challenges such as:

  • High temperatures: maintaining the ideal temperature can be difficult without the proper equipment.
  • High energy cost: climate control products and lighting can significantly increase electricity consumption.
  • Adequate ventilation: it is crucial to avoid heat build-up and ensure good air circulation to prevent problems such as mold.

Indoor cultivation in summer requires careful planning and an initial investment in suitable technology. However, the advantages outweigh the challenges, allowing growers to enjoy healthy and abundant harvests without depending on the external climate.

Indoor cultivation in summer

How to avoid heat stress in cannabis

To maintain mother plants in an indoor cultivation during summer without air conditioning, it is crucial to maintain constant temperatures of 24ºC. In a common situation for many growers, with a small room or cabinet without air conditioning, several cultivation parameters must be optimized to keep the plants in good condition until cooler temperatures allow for the start of the first crop of the season. Although growth will not be as fast as in spring or autumn, it is possible to maintain healthy plants by reducing stress. Some features to consider are:

Temperature control

The temperature control in indoor crops during hot seasons is crucial to maintain the health and performance of plants. One of the most important factors in this regard is CO2, due to the role it plays in plant photosynthesis. When the temperature exceeds 30ºC, a higher concentration of CO2 can help plants maintain a high rate of photosynthesis, resulting in increased growth and production. An adequate level of CO2 not only improves photosynthesis but also facilitates better nutrient absorption and more efficient cell development.

Methods for controlling the climate

To keep temperatures low in your indoor cultivation during summer, there are several techniques:

  • Air conditioning: it is one of the most effective methods for controlling heat without compromising air quality. This eliminates the need for constant extraction during the period when lights are on.
  • LED lamps: LED lighting generates less heat compared to HPS (High Pressure Sodium), which helps maintain a lower temperature in the growing space.
  • Dehumidifiers: in hot environments, water evaporation increases relative humidity. A dehumidifier can be essential to keep these levels under control.
  • Automated systems: these can monitor and automatically adjust the climatic conditions within the growing space, ensuring optimal and stable temperature.

Implementing these advanced methods not only helps maintain low temperatures but also provides a more controlled and healthier environment for your plants.

What type of lighting to choose?

LED lamps and low-consumption lamps are excellent options for indoor cultivation in summer. Compared to High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, LEDs generate less heat, making it easier to maintain a suitable temperature in the growing space. LEDs are also more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. Although HPS lamps can offer higher light intensity, their high energy consumption and heat generation make them less ideal for hot seasons.

Having good ventilation

Good ventilation is essential for maintaining stable temperatures and ensuring proper air circulation. This not only helps control the temperature, but also prevents the accumulation of excess humidity and CO2, both of which are detrimental factors to plants if not properly managed.

good ventilation indoor cultivation

Air circulation techniques

To improve air circulation in your cultivation during the summer, consider implementing some of the following techniques:

  • Oscillating fans: distribute air evenly and help avoid hot spots.
  • Extractors and intake fans: facilitate constant air exchange, maintaining optimal CO2 levels.
  • Marijuana odor filters: eliminate odors and harmful particles, improving air quality.

These strategies not only maintain a suitable environment for plants, but also help maximize their growth and production during the hottest months.

Indoor cultivation at 32ºC

Cultivating indoors at 32ºC presents a series of unique challenges. High temperatures can negatively affect plants, causing thermal stress, hermaphroditism, and nutritional deficiencies. To address these problems, it is crucial to implement effective cooling and temperature control strategies in high-temperature crops.

How to cool a grow cabinet: effective strategies to reduce heat

The way to cool the cabinet or grow room will depend on the climatic conditions of each region and home. Therefore, in a country with hot summers or in a place that gets very hot during that time, it is likely that more drastic measures will be needed to maintain the optimal temperature. Some solutions may increase operating costs, which could influence the decision to grow indoors during the summer. Some tips for controlling heat are:

  • Minimize electrical appliances inside the cabinet and facilitate their control.
  • Position the cabinet in a room with little or no direct sunlight.
  • Use a flexible insulating material to cover and insulate the grow room.
  • Synchronize the plants’ daytime cycle with the night, when temperatures are lower.
  • Monitor temperature and humidity using thermohygrometers, reducing heat emission.
  • Use cool light reflectors: that redirect light onto the plants and reduce lamp heat.
  • Install a dimmable ballast to adjust the power of the lights and reduce emitted heat without affecting the life cycle of your plants.
  • Maintain good air circulation with fans both above and below the canopy to create cross ventilation and direct air to the extractor, thus achieving maximum extraction.

Indoor cultivation in summer has its challenges, but it also offers great opportunities for those who want to have full control over their growing space. It is important to try different methods of temperature and lighting control to find the one that works best

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