Humboldt: Peace, Prosperity and Purity

Humboldt: Peace, Prosperity and Purity. Populated by a mixture of hippies and rednecks, Humboldt County, California, is one of the most unique agricultural communities in the United States with over 30,000 people (over one fifth of Humboldt’s entire population) who participate in marijuana cultivation. This culture and passion for weed started over 50 years ago in the 60s, where marijuana growth extended rapidly due to the hippie movement. Due to the fact that the authorities at the time were looking to persecute marijuana growers, many of them moved to the mountains away from cities so they could grow in peace. The Humboldt region to the north of California was the perfect spot due to the lack of police and the open-mindedness of the people living there.

Even though the Humboldt area is a natural beauty with remote and beautiful mountainy areas, it wasn’t a very expensive place to live, so many people bought large areas of land where their community grew quite rapidly. Thanks to being able to grow marijuana freely, they were able to build small schools, a radio station, two community centers and a fire station. As the years went by the population grew around cannabis culture; many big cannabis growers, writers, thinkers and activists are actually from this region.

Humboldt: Peace, Prosperity and Purity.

The growing demand for weed pushed many growers to create their own seed banks thanks to the high quality of their product; Humboldt still produces one of the most potent outdoor weeds in the world.

Marijuana has now become one of the economic incentives of this county, although part of the population is quite unhappy with their current situation. We’re based in Spain and we’re still hoping and dreaming about legalization, although many of us don’t know what that means for society and economics, and the impact that it can have for commercial growers. If the demand for product increases, prices will be affected and will likely go down quite a lot. Having explained this, it’s easy to understand why thousands of growers up in these mountains don’t want pot to be legalized. During the 2010 vote for legalization in California, many people put up signs that said “Save Humboldt, Keep Pot Illegal”.

Humboldt: Peace, Prosperity and Purity.

Obviously, legalization went through and growers have had to adapt to this new situation by lowering prices considerably, although they have many more advantages now; dispensaries are a stable source of demand for their product.

Another large issue that stems from global knowledge of the amount of product that is grown and moved in Humboldt is the appearance of armed groups of people that rob marijuana crops. Between 2004 and 2014 38 people were murdered in Humboldt and 23 of those murders were directly related to drugs. Those living in the area needed to figure out a way to keep this under control so the radio station KMUD was born. Thanks to this system those living there can be alerted to any incidences. Of course nowadays these issues are under control thanks to legalization, and the radio is used more for chat shows and tips on how to ecologically grow cannabis. It has thousands of adverts dealing with resin cleaners, pruning scissors or fertilizers, among many other things.

Humboldt: Peace, Prosperity and Purity.

There’s also been an increase in tourists visiting Humboldt, and thousands of people go there every year looking for a job as a bud trimmer or a cannabis seed cleaner. Thanks to marijuana crops, many people have found a haven in which they can live and be healthy. You might be asking yourself how on earth they sell that much product. The answer is simple; there are companies in charge of collecting and distributing the product to legal establishments, known as cannabis dispensaries. Those who don’t grow but buy weed are also very appreciated in the region; thanks to them Humboldt has been around for this long, and they’ve been able to improve security and quality of life in those that live in the precious mountain area.

Humboldt: Peace, Prosperity and Purity.

Over the last few decades, thanks to being kind of isolated and having relative freedom as well as a nice climate, the region has turned into the perfect place for USA marijuana growers. A few years ago you could already tell how amazing quality of life was in this area, where top quality cannabis is grown without chemicals of any kind.

Author: Fabio Inga
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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