How to use the BioBizz Feeding Chart

Growing cannabis is quite a rewarding process when done right, and with the BioBizz Feeding Chart you’ll be able to watch your plants grow and improve day by day thanks to its professional formulae. If you want to grow cannabis like an expert while using organic products like BioBizz, we recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions and doses. The best results are gotten using professional, quality nutrients like BioBizz.

The BioBizz Feeding Chart was created as a general guide for feeding your plants, with a weekly routine that you’ll need to follow. Keep in mind that this is just a guide and doses/times may vary depending on the strain or sometimes even the environment your plants are in. We’re going to talk about how to understand and use BioBizz’ growing chart to grow your very own organic and professional plants.

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BioBizz Feeding Chart

In order to understand the chart, you’ll need to first understand that cannabis has different phases, during which it needs different types of nutrients in different amounts in order to successfully grow. The most basic phases are growth and flowering; during the growth period your plants need plenty of nitrogen and during the flowering period it needs more nutrients such as phosphorus, which is quite closely related to photosynthesis and resin yield.

You can’t simply feed your plants whatever and whenever you want; it’s incredibly important to follow guidelines and give your plants a regular feeding schedule. Keep in mind that some particular strains don’t appreciate high amounts of certain nutrients, and although the chart may say one thing, always cater to your plants first; if they start going yellow and limp, fix the issue before continuing with the feeding chart. Remember to keep an eye on the pH in your water to make sure that your plants can absorb every last drop of the nutrients you give them.

biobizz feeding chartBioBizz Nutrients

Before you start using BioBizz’s full range, you should probably know what products you’ll be using on your plants. BioBizz is a biodegradable range of organic nutrients used by growers all over the world thanks to its professional results. You’ll be able to increase the quality, aroma and flavor of your plants thanks to its organic ingredients.

Keep in mind that most of these nutrients can NOT be used in automatic watering systems, as their ingredients don’t fully dissolve and can block your pipes and end up starving your plants.


BioBizz specifies different amounts of nutrients depending on the substrate you’re using; All Mix or Light Mix. The main difference between these two is that All Mix, as the name suggests, comes with plenty of nutrients already in it. Light Mix is a lot lighter in nutrients, which means that generally, nutrient doses are higher in these types of substrates than those needed for All Mix.

If you take a look at the BioBizz Feeding Chart below, the lines marked with a grey semicircle at the start are for growing in All Mix, and the black semi-circles indicate the doses for growing in Light mix.

Root Juice

Root Juice is the first product that you’ll need to start using. It’s an organic root stimulant that’s in charge of feeding and improving your plants’ roots during the first couple of weeks. You’ll be able to increase the size of your plants roots quite a lot. It’s perfect for the start of the growing period thanks to its soft amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and various micro-nutrients.

These feeding charts are generally designed for indoor growing and they don’t take into account outdoor transplants – this product can also be used to revive your plants’ roots after every transplant.

Bio Grow

Bio Grow is an organic growth base that’s perfect for cannabis plants, giving them all of the macro-nutrients needed to grow strong and sturdy. Thanks to its 4-3-6 NPK and its specific formula, it stimulates bacterial life in your plants soil and helps them to absorb many more nutrients from your soil.

When growing outdoors you can use Fish Mix instead of Bio Grow (at the same doses) during the first weeks of the growth period in order to create an even more explosively large plant. Remember to switch back to Bio grow once your plants begin to flower, however.

Bio Bloom

Bio Bloom is used from the first flowering week onwards, and it’s used up until you wash out your plants’ roots. It’s the perfect flowering base, giving your plants a nice structure upon which to grow their flowers. It contains all of the necessary macro-nutrients for the flowering period.

This base fertilizer is used alongside various additional products that help it to increase microbial life in your plants’ substrate, which increases root growth and protects them from pathogens and stress.

Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven is an additive that contains the perfect combination of nutrients and micro-elements. It’s incredibly beneficial for your plants, helping them to evenly distribute nutrients, creating more chlorophyll and eliminating any toxins that may form if your plant gets too stressed.

This product allows your plants to absorb incredibly low amounts of nutrients from the substrate, making sure that they always have a source of nutrients to survive off of.


Alg-a-Mic is one of best ways to revive your plants. It’s generally used on plants that have been under some sort of stress or are nutrient-deficient. It can be used on plants that have been over-watered so that they still have a source of nutrients while they dry out – it can be sprayed onto the leaves as well as used when watering.

This particular chart indicates that you should use alg-a-mic during the entire flowering period, as it’s used as a preventive measure, ensuring that your plants stay perfectly healthy and don’t get stressed out in the least.

Top Max

This additive is a flowering accelerant, and it also speeds up the process in which your plants transport nutrients from one part to another. This is what helps accelerate the flowering process, increasing the size and density of your plants’ buds in the process.

It also helps to attract beneficial microbial life to the substrate thanks to its humic and fulvic acids. When used alongside the other additives and base fertilizers, your plants will produce incredibly high yields.

Acti Vera

Acti Vera by BioBizz is a product that stimulates your plants’ hormonal system and increases their general strength, from the tips of their leaves all the way down to their roots. Your plants will have an extra layer of protection against pathogens and other stressful issues. It also accelerates plant metabolism, meaning they’ll absorb more nutrients and need more water, too.


As well as nutrients and additives, BioBizz has their own preventive spray product called Leaf Coat. This product contains latex, which creates an incredibly thin layer that allows humidity and light through but protects your plants from insects and fungi. They also stock two organic pH adjusting products; one for lowering it and one for raising it, both of which can be used during both the growth and flowering periods.

Feeding Chart

It may seem complicated at first to follow a complete feeding chart, but BioBizz’s chart is incredibly simple to follow. BioBizz considers the first week of the growth phase to be the moment that the plant is 10-15cm tall and has 2-4 leaves. With this in mind, make sure not to start fertilizing your plants straight after germination; they’ll need a little bit to grow first before they can take on larger quantities of nutrients.

how to use the biobizz feeding chart

The chart is divided into 12 weeks, with two weeks for growth and 10 for flowering. This chart is designed for indoor growers, and the quantities indicates are per liter of water.

If you want to use BioBizz outdoors you can still follow this chart; after the second growth week, keeping using the same doses marked on the chart until your plants begin to flower, where you can follow the chart until you flush the roots, using the last dose mentioned until you need to wash out the roots.

The chart included here doesn’t have Acti Vera, which is applied at 1ml/L until the last few flowering weeks, when it’s increased to 4ml. If you’re having issues following the BioBizz Feeding Chart, we’ve created a more basic chart below that you can follow week by week. There are two different pairs of charts; one for those that use All Mix and one for those that use Light Mix or Coco Mix, which require some extra nutrients.

Remember to stop fertilizing two weeks before harvesting in order to wash out your plants’ roots. This is done to clean out the plant and avoid your buds’ flavor being affected by any leftover nutrients or micro-elements.



Week 1Week 2Week 3+ (outdoors)
Root Juice1-4ml/L
Bio Grow (o Fish Mix)1ml/L1ml/L
Bio Heaven2ml/L2ml/L2ml/L
Acti Vera1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L



Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8+ (outdoors/sativa)
Bio Grow1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L
Bio Bloom1ml/L2ml/L2ml/L3ml/L3ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L
Bio Heaven2ml/L2ml/L3ml/L4ml/L4ml/L5ml/L5ml/L5ml/L
Top Max1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L
Acti Vera1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L




Week 1Week 2Week 3+(outdoors)
Root Juice1-4ml/L
Bio Grow2ml/L2ml/L
Bio Heaven2ml/L2ml/L2ml/L
Acti Vera1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L



Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8+ (outdoors/sativa)
Bio Grow2ml/L2ml/L3ml/L3ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L
Bio Bloom1ml/L2ml/L2ml/L3ml/L3ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L
Bio Heaven2ml/L2ml/L3ml/L4ml/L4ml/L5ml/L5ml/L5ml/L
Top Max1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L
Acti Vera1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L4ml/L


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