How to set up a Grow Tent

Learning how to set up a grow tent is a fundamental skill if you’re planning on growing cannabis this winter. Summer’s coming to an end and its time to pack up your flower pots and put away the nutrients. Or is it? Many beginners decide to jump headfirst into indoor growing without really knowing what they’ll need to grow successful cannabis plants, which is what we’re here to talk about.

If you ever go to one of our stores to buy a grow tent, our shop keeps will give you a full tutorial on how to put it together, However, when you get home you’ll probably still feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the different parts and bits. It’s pretty easy to forget all of the advice you were given.

We’re going to explain how to set up a grow tent in your own house; an easy way to grow your very own medicinal cannabis or any other plants that you want.




Before you start setting anything up you better disinfect and clean the room you’ll be growing in – if you skip this step it’ll be much easier for insects and fungi to get at your plants.

You’ll need to pay special attention when it comes to cleaning and sterilizing the walls, ceiling, floor and windows. Let the room dry and ventilate – you’re now ready to get to work.

How to set up a grow tent | The Grow Tent

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up the structure of the tent itself. They’re usually made of aluminum bars that connect using strong plastic pieces. These bars come numbered or marked in some way so that you know where to place each one – it’s a pretty easy process.

After putting the structure together, you’ll need to open up the fabric part of the tent, opening all zips. Locate the base of the tent and place it over the top of the aluminum bars you’ve just set up. It should fit perfectly; make sure to slip it down slowly without tugging too hard. It may take a while and a lot of patience, but it’s worth it to avoid ripping the fabric. Once it’s on, make sure all of the zips can close properly.


How to set up a grow tent | Extractor Fan

how to set up a grow tent

Once you’ve set the tent up, the first thing that you’ll want to do is set up the extractor and intake fans. First, you have to install the right cables to your extractor and intake fan, as they usually come without the cables attached. Next, you’ll need to attach the extractor to a frame that will allow you to attach it to the inside of your grow tent. Then, attach the frame (and attached extractor fan) to the upper bars in your grow tent using strong clamps or the ropes that come with the grow tent. Once it’s set up, test it to make sure it’s working.

When it comes to the intake fan, you’ll need to use a stretch of flexible aluminum ducting big enough to be able to take in enough fresh air for your plants. Make sure it’s in a straight line.

How to set up a grow tent | Carbon Filter

carbon filterOnce you’ve set up the extractor, it’s time to add a carbon filter unless you want your entire place stinking of weed – you can wait to set the filter up until your plants begun to flower, as you’ll be using the filter up unnecessarily, although it’s easier to set up at the start. If you decide to do it before flipping your plants to flower, take your plants out of the tent so that you have enough space to install it properly.

Carbon filters are super easy to set up, all you have to do is grab a meter of ducting and attach it to the opening on the filter using clamps and duct tape just to be safe. Then, attach it to the bars along the top of the grow tent just like the extractor fan and attach the other end of it the extractor, using clamps and duct tape again. We recommend doing this entire set up to one side of the grow tent so that it doesn’t end up overlapping with your grow lamps.

How to set up a grow tent | Ducting Hose

how to set up a grow tent indoors

You’ll also need to set up ducting hose from the outside of your extractor fan to a window so that the stale air doesn’t end up back in the tent. In order for this to be as efficient as possible you’ll need to try and do it in a straight line or at least as straight as possible; every bend in the ducting means air will be extracted at a slightly slower pace.

How to set up a grow tent | Grow Lights

grow lightThe next step is setting up your grow lights, which can sometimes be a complicated process. In order to make it a bit easier, we’ve written a separate post about grow lights and how to set them up in your cannabis grow tent.

You’ll need to use pulleys such as Easy Roller pulleys or a chain system in order to raise and lower your grow lights – pulleys are much easier to use, allowing you to change the height of your grow lamps whenever you want, which can come in handy.


How to set up a grow tent | Fans

This step is pretty simple. Get a fan and put it in your grow tent. You’re much better off getting a clip-on fan that you can attach to the side bars so that it’s at the right height for your plants. If not, you can use clamps or ropes to string it up, or get a standing one if your grow tent is large enough.

How to set up a grow tent | Timer

You’re almost finished! You’re just missing a couple of important devices. You’ll need to set up a timer so that you can have the lights turn on and off whenever you need them to – it’s quite hard to do this manually without messing up your plants’ light schedule. Simply configure your timer, plug it in and connect your lights – it’s a pretty easy process.

How to set up a grow tent | Thermo-hygrometer

Once you’ve plugged everything in and tested that it’s all working, it’s time to check the temperature and relative humidity in your grow room. All you have to do is turn your thermos-hygrometer on and place it in the room. You’ll be able to tell the exact temperature and humidity in real time, and many models save the lowest and highest readings; this allows you to see what parameters your plants are experiencing when the lights are off.


You should now know how to set up a grow tent, which really isn’t that complicated. You just need to have a bit of patience when it comes to things like the lights. Make sure to test everything before placing your plants in the tent.

This post is an essential guide to the basic materials needed to set up a grow tent, although you may use different methods that work perfectly fine for you. We encourage you to use your own methods if they work well for you. This is a guide for beginners and those who are just starting to grow cannabis indoors using grow tents.

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