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How to prune cannabis outdoors step by step

Pruning is an essential technique to successfully cultivate your marijuana plants. When growing outdoors, it is important to know when and how to prune cannabis outdoors step by step in order to control the height, flower production, and improve the quality of the final product. A proper pruning may help to control both shape and size. Thus, in this article we are going to talk about this type of pruning and how to perform it.

Why pruning cannabis outdoors

Pruning cannabis plants can offer a number of crop benefits depending on the type of prune we use. The main purpose of this practice is to compensate for the energy levels of the plant that affect its growth in order to get the expected yields. 

Pruning cannabis outdoors step by step

Before starting the prune, we must take into account that we should perform it during the vegetative stage and before the flowering period begins. If we do it too late, there’s the risk of damaging buds and reducing their efficiency. Some of the steps to follow are:

Prepare the working area

It is important to prepare the working area before starting to prune. To do so, we must first have all the essential tools around:

  • Hand pruners with a sharp cutting edge, perfect for cutting leaves and twigs without harming the plants.
  • A small saw for thicker twigs.
  • Gloves.
  • Alcohol.
  • Cotton balls or a cloth to clean.

We must also check that all the tools are clean and sterilized in order to prevent spreading illnesses or infections.

hand pruners flowerpot
Hand pruners with a sharp cutting edge

Identify twigs

The first step when pruning is to identify the twigs that we are going to cut. In doing so, we must look for thin and weak twigs that haven’t got the proper amount of sunlight. These are less likely to produce buds and keeping them may impact the growth of the bigger and stronger twigs.

On the other hand, it is important to identify twigs growing in unsustainable directions. Thus, a twig growing inwards the plant, instead of outwards, may block the growth of others twigs.

Remove twigs

Once you’ve identified the twigs you want to cut, you can use your hand pruners to make the cut as near as possible from to the main stem. This should be done at a 45-degree angle in order to prevent water from collecting where you’ve made the cut. Make sure not to cut the plant in excess as this may damage the health and affect negatively to the final results.

Prune cannabis leaves

When you’ve finished with the twigs, it’s time to go with bigger and older leaves, as they could block the sunlight for the smallest twigs. The cut must be done on the base of the twig. In case of coming across partially corrupted or diseased leaves, we must remove them completely to avoid any possible illnesses from spreading.

hand pruners leaves
Pruning cannabis leaves

Check the plant

Once you’ve finished pruning, you must check the plant to make sure there aren’t any twigs left to cut. You must confirm that there are no small and weak twigs left. In the same way, make sure all the big twigs are receiving the proper amount of sunlight and that are not blocking other twigs as it may affect their development.

Important advices after pruning

After pruning, we must take care of our plants in order to achieve a successful recovery. Some advices are:

  • Avoid stressing your plants in excess: during the recovery time, we must have a minimal interaction with the plant.
  • Control and check the plants to avoid stress, illnesses or plagues after pruning.
  • Always maintain optimal conditions like the right humidity levels, temperature and light for a proper growth.
  • Irrigate them properly: provide the exact water, without exceeding the amount as this could increase the risk of illnesses.
  • You can use different fertilizers and supplements to help with the pruning recovery. One of the most recommended products are root stimulators, fertilizers rich in nitrogen or boosters and additives.

Pruning is one of the essential techniques to maximize the production of cannabis plants and to obtain high-quality results. To perform this practice, it is recommended to know how to prune cannabis outdoors, following all the process and advices we’ve mentioned before.

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