How to Make Cannabis Butter

How to Make Cannabis ButterToday we’re going to talk about an extremely simple recipe that will be essential for cooking many other cannabis meals; how to make cannabis butter. Cannabis butter, or cannabutter, is the perfect alternative for those that wish to consume cannabis without having to smoke or vape it. This can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes; whether you’re medicating or simply want to give your meals that extra kick, cannabutter is the perfect thing to add.

As we always stress in these recipes, you need to consume cannabis edibles responsibly; when you ingest cannabis you’re truly ingesting all of it, whereas when you smoke it you can only get up to 40% of the effect. This means that the effect is much stronger, and because you’re ingesting it, it will take a while to actually reach your bloodstream; many people make the horrible mistake of eating some, and thinking that it didn’t do anything, so they eat some more and end up feeling sick and unable to do anything but sleep.

We’re going to give you a step by step guide on how to make cannabutter.


  • 250gr of butter
  • 500ml of water
  • 5-15g of cannabis (5g of bud or 15-20g of resinous leaves)

Cannabutter preparation:

You don’t specifically need buds to make cannabutter; you can use resinous leaves or even a mix of both if you don’t want to use all of your bud up in one go, just make sureHow to Make Cannabis Butter that if you’re mixing you get the quantity right as putting too much in could ruin the recipe.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is boil your weed in water, at medium heat for around 20 minutes. Don’t worry about the water altering the weed, as THC can’t dissolve in water. All you’re doing here is getting rid of the chlorophyll, which is what gives it its green color and strange grassy taste. It also helps get any residues or impurities out of the weed.

Once your weed is completely pure, you’ll need to proceed to boil the butter in water at the lowest heat possible (we’ve tried with margarine too and we prefer real butter,; it gives a much better result). Once the butter is completely melted, throw in your weed. It needs to be on low heat and you’re going to need to mix it constantly for at least 30 minutes; you should notice the butter going a slightly green color. Once the butter mix seems nice and balanced then it should be ready.

Once you’re sure that the butter has absorbed all of the juices from the weed, and then it’s time to sieve the butter to make sure that there are no hard bits of cannabis in it. Make sure to leave the melted butter in the water, as this is extremely important.

You’ll need to let it cool down at room temperature for a couple of hours and then stick it in the fridge for 24h. The next day you should have a nice layer of butter floating on top of the water. It should have the same texture as normal butter but with a slightly greener color.How to Make Cannabis Butter

Now you can move on to other cannabis edibles using your newly made cannabutter!


Author: Ana Ibáñez
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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