One of the most classic, old school pot recipes are canna biscuits! They’re incredibly easy to make, which is why they’re so popular; you don’t need to know much about cooking to make them, and you just need 6 simple ingredients that you might have lying about anyway, and some cannabis. You also probably already have the kitchen equipment needed to make these canna biscuits; bowls, an oven and a sieve. If you’re looking for a fast cannabis recipe or you’re looking to make your first ever cannabis recipe, these cannabis biscuits are perfect!

canna biscuitsCanna Biscuits Recipe

The canna biscuits recipe that we’re going to be looking at produces 40 cookies, depending on the size that you make them in. In order to make sure that they’re all the same size, we recommend using kitchen scales and weighing specific amounts of dough for shaping each cookie. Let’s have a look at this delicious recipe!

Canna Biscuits Ingredients:

  • 500ml bottles water
  • 130g cannabutter
  • 250g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • 120g sugar

Prep material:

  • Saucepan
  • Kitchen spoon
  • Bowl
  • Mixing stick
  • Rolling pin
  • Clingfilm
  • Baking paper
  • Kitchen weighing scales

How to Make Canna Biscuits

canna biscuits mixtureBefore you get to making your biscuits, you’ll need to make cannabutter – if you want an in depth explanation on how to make cannabutter, you can click here, or read on for a short explanation; if you already have enough made, you can skip these steps.

  1. Begin boiling water with your butter in it, keeping it at half-heat until it melts.
  2. Once the butter has melted, add your ground-up cannabis and begin mixing slowly for around 30 minutes – don’t let it boil, or else it will begin to degrade.
  3. Next, you need to filter out the cannabis using a sieve, throwing out the leftover weed as it’s no longer usable.
  4. Place your butter in the fridge for at least six hours – once it’s hard enough you can remove the butter from the top and place it in its own container.

Note: Once this is all done, you’re ready to start making cookies! Keep in mind that the cannabutter is best made the day before.

Biscuit Steps

  1. making the doughMake sure your 130g of cannabutter is at room temperature so that it’s easier to work with. Place it in a bowl with the sugar and eggs; mix well while adding in the flour, don’t stop mixing until it’s all in.
  2. Once you have a balanced mixture, you can add your flavoring in small amounts.
  3. Next, cover the bowl with some Clingfilm and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  4. Take our your oven tray, cover it with baking paper and then pre-heat the oven to 160°.
  5. While the oven is pre-heating, sprinkle some flour on your cooking surface and begin working through your dough using the rolling pin. Begin making small cookies, try to keep them all the same size.
  6. Once they’re ready, place them on your oven tray and bake them for 15 minutes at 160°.

Canna Biscuits

Eating canna biscuits

When eating cannabis biscuits or any other type of food made with cannabis, you need to keep in mind that its effects are incredibly potent and long-lasting – more so than if you were to smoke it. That’s why cannabis edibles are to be eaten with caution, and you’ll need to keep a careful eye on how you feel. If you have a cookie and don’t feel anything after an hour, have another bite and wait a half an hour. After a while, if you still don’t feel anything, have another bite – make sure to space them out until you begin to feel something.

canna biscuitscannabiscuitscanna biscuits

If the effects that you begin to feel are too intense, the best way to deal with it is to simply not worry – eat or drink something sugary and take a shower if you feel like it. These types of effects can vary depending on the person, but the only way to get through them is to simply wait it out – you will be okay.

Canna Biscuit Effects

Eating cannabis cookies produces an effect that can depend on various different factors, such as the type of cannabis used (THC or CBD-rich), the amount and the mood of the person consuming it, as well as their tolerance and the environment they are in. However, edibles generally tend to relax those that consume them, to the point of couch-locking if you consume too much; they’re also great for having interesting conversations with your friends. If you decide to use CBD-rich cannabis, the effect will be calming and relaxing without being too intense.

Remember to consume cannabis edibles moderately and to store them very far out of reach from children – if you store them in the fridge and live with other people, make sure to clearly mark them to avoid mishaps. Hopefully you enjoyed this recipe; let us know how the biscuits went in the comments below!

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