Magic mushrooms have had a strong social impact over the past 25 years, which is when their cultivation became legal in Holland. This situation increased their popularity hugely and made it easier to have access to different types of magic mushrooms grow kits.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms have been around and used by different tribes and cultures all over the world for over 2000 years . Our ancestors used them in religious rituals to help heal people or to perform exorcisms. In Mexico and Egypt they were also a form of communication with gods.

Nowadays it is a substance with medical properties that can be useful to treat post traumatic stress, depression or simply a tiring style of life.

Types of magic mushrooms

There are more than one hundred types of magic mushrooms with high psilocybin or psilocin content. This post is going to talk about the most characteristic strains. Some interesting and easy to grow at home magic mushrooms are: Mazatepec, Thai, Mexican, Mc Kennaii, B+, Ecuatoriana, Golden Teacher, Amazonian and Colombiana.

The effects are very subjective and vary from one person to the other. However, as a general rule, some strains offer more obvious effects than others. The following list is ordered from strongest, recommended for experienced users, to soft ones, perfect for magic mushroom beginner consumers.


McKennaii is very special, as it is thought to have been created artificially in a lab in order to offer large yields and strong psychedelic potency. This mushroom was given the name of one of the greatest defenders of magic mushroom cultivation and consumption: Terence McKenna, historian, writer, etnobotanic and psychonaut.

This strain is very productive. It offers various batches of thick stem mushrooms with a round cap that grow fast, it’s easy to cultivate and very potent.

mckennaii mushroom


B+ is one of the most productive mushroom strains. It produces clear positive effects and adapts very well to all sorts of climates, although it actually originates from a cold region. Perfect to grow in areas with low temperatures, as long as the climate doesn’t go below the recommended parameters.

b+ mushroom


Golden Teacher is easy to grow, offers a generous yield and adapts very well to different weather conditions. If you overdue the dose, the effects might be overwhelming but the right amount offers very interesting sensations. The mushrooms are tall, thin and brown.

golden teacher type of magic mushroom


Thai comes from the famous Psilocybe Cubensis and offers medium-potent effects. Each batch produces a huge amount of mushrooms, although the first batch is usually the most abundant one. The following ones aren’t as generous, but the mushrooms are bigger. Thai mushrooms feature thick and short stems of between 5-10 cm and their cap is brown-orange with stains.

Perfect for beginners as it’s very easy to grow.

types of magic mushrooms Thai


Mazatapec mushrooms are of Mexican origin, they are potent and very resistant in comparison to other strains. Although they are easy to grow, they aren’t very fast, although they are quite productive.

Its name comes from the town of Zapoteco, where mushrooms were used in religious and healing ceremonies. These mushrooms are pale, tall and have tight caps.

types of magic mushrooms Mazapatec


Amazonian mushrooms are medium size and have an amber round cap. In order for this strain to grow properly, it must receive the right temperature and humidity while avoiding direct sunlight.

It doesn’t grow very fast, but it provides visual, creative and introspective effects.

types of magic mushrooms amazonian


Mexican mushrooms are very popular because they are easy to grow and offer an abundant yield. Their effect is moderate, perfect to enter this world.

The mushrooms have a thin and long stem, with very big caps in comparison. They are mainly yellow, but they tend to turn orange-red with stains.

In optimal conditions, we can get a few batches out of them. The best way to harvest them is by twisting the stem and pulling at the same time.

types of magic mushrooms mexican


Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuatoriana originally comes from the Ecuadorian Andes. It is very easy to grow and offers great results even when the growing conditions aren’t perfect. An ideal option for rookies.

It produces very big mushrooms with just basic care and it’s productive even in cold areas. It produces very potent effects, which are usually psychological and introspective.


This strain is Colombian, as its name already indicates. Highly popular among consumers due to its well-balanced and controlled effects, as well as its ease of growth and abundant yields.

These mushrooms are tall and pale. Its effects are medium and very visual. Highly recommended for first time users.

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