Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

We’re continuing our 2017 Growbarato gift campaign this October with a special promotion involving the brands that have stuck by us all through the year, meaning that this month’s gifts are going to be more varied than ever.

This year we’ve been collaborating with some of the most important brands in the international cannabis scene, some of which are some of the best seed banks and fertilizer brands in the world. For every purchase you make over 25€ you’ll get a free sample from one of the brands we’ve been promoting, and you might even get something that can increase your crops yield or guarantee the best and most exquisite flavors.

We’ll start with Plagron, a leading brand in fertilizer distribution for cannabis crops. Thanks to the quality and versatility of these products, Plagron has turned into an authentic reference for fertilizers all over the world. Plagron has more than 20 years’ experience in developing fertilizers for self-growers, coming up with some on the most varied and complete ranges on the market. Whether you grow in soil, coco or hydroponics, you’ll find the perfect range for your crop system with the best organic and mineral fertilizers out there.

Plagron has given us a large quantity of Green Sensation bottles to give away, and we’re anxious for our customers to try it and see first-hand how amazing this fattening fertilizer is. You’ll need to apply it during the first week of your plants fattening phase due to how efficiently it multiplies your plants’ cell walls, increasing their bud size immensely. You’ll need to use it alongside a sugar solution so that the buds have enough sugars to fill up and become extremely dense, making for a much higher yield in your crop.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

The next brand we’d like to talk about today is Sweet Seeds, a Valencian seed bank that has been offering spectacular strains for more than 10 years now, having won both international and national prizes for their quality. Both their feminized and autoflowering seeds have a series of special organoleptic properties. All of their strains have been through a vigorous development process, having been selected for both potency and amazing flavor; that’s why this seed bank has incredible strains that have come to be a cornerstone in Spanish seeds.

We have a large amount of award-winning Big Devil XL Auto seeds, an autoflowering strain with a humongous production capacity that also offers a unique experience in as far as flavor, combining citric and incensed tones. It stands out for its amazing production rate in such a short time, growing precious and colorful buds that will end up completely covered in a layer of shiny, sticky resin.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

Atami is another amazing fertilizer brand that has a large and varied catalogue in which any grower, regardless of experience level, should be able to find exactly what their looking for. You can acquire fertilizers that will make your crops give a much higher yield, which is perfect for commercial growers. You can also find 100% natural and organic fertilizers in their catalogue that are without a doubt up to even the most experienced growers standards.

In an attempt to meet everyone’s needs in as far as crop method and experience level, we have a large quantity of Ata XL bottles as gifts from this brand; Ata XL is a stimulant that can be used in any phase of your plants’ lives. If it’s used during the growth phase your plant’s main stem will become denser and harder, making it easier for more branches to grow and stimulating plant growth in general, although if used during the flowering period, your plants will grow more flowers as well as acquire a higher resin production, making for a more intense smell, taste and potency.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

If you’re looking to find the best seeds straight from Holland itself, then Barney’s Farm is the ideal seed bank for you. It has an enormous selection of seeds, one of the biggest selections in the world to be exact. Their selection includes both seasonal and autoflowering strains and their seeds are perfect for any grower due to the extreme guarantee given in as far as germination, making these seeds great for novice growers to get some experience. Their seeds come guaranteed to be potent with some extremely beneficial organoleptic properties.

Our customers are in with a chance of getting an amazing Peyote Cookies seed that Barney’s Farm has provided us with. This strain stands out mostly for its taste, capable of offering marvelous sweet tones with some varied aftertastes that can even be similar to coffee or vanilla. In as far as effects, this strain is softly relaxing to begin with, which slowly becomes more intense, becoming as powerful and potent as the purest of indica strains. It’s extremely easy to grow as it hardly needs any caretaking to grow into productive and large specimens, making it the perfect strain to showcase the seed bank’s amazing quality.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

Another star brand that participated with us this 2017 was Grotek, a famous Canadian company known world-wide for the quality of their products, especially Monster Bloom which is one of the most used fertilizers in the entire world. Many growers swear by this product and would never use another, but many people don’t know how amazing the rest of Grotek’s products are due to having been combined with Monster Bloom’s magic and normal base fertilizers.

To help you get to know more of their products that can be combined with Monster Bloom to get an incredibly crop, we have plenty of bottles of Heavy Bud Pro to give away. Heavy Bud Pro has amazing sugars in it that are used during the fatting phase of your plants flowering, creating hard buds that are bursting with resin. If combined with Monster Bloom your plants will be incredibly hefty and tasty.Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

One of the campaigns that our customers seem to have enjoyed the most was the Kannabia campaign, as we ended up giving away thousands of top-class autoflowering seeds with some incredibly fast development speeds. This seed bank has its origins in Granada, Spain, and has turned into one of the most important seed banks in the country, gaining more followers every day both in Spain and internationally. Their newfound fame due to winning various cannabis competitions over the past few years has allowed Kannabia to expand their market to Europe, as well as South America.

The speediest strain this seed bank can offer is Speedy Boom Auto, a strain that should be ready to harvest after just 70 days, as well as being capable of giving amazingly large harvests, especially in outdoor crops. It has a nice sweet/fruity taste with a happy, lively and stimulating effect which is characteristic in an autoflowering strain. This strain grows so well due to how much was put into it, having gone through a long selection process between feminized and seasonal strains until the perfect hybrid was born.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

When talking about fertilizer brands which are exemplary in as far as natural, environmentally friendly products then we have to mention Canna, whose passion for nature is absolutely astonishing. Their ranges were developed by the most professional of growers, although thanks to how easy it is to use and the amazing results that it provides, it’s the perfect product for any grower, experienced or novice, to get the absolute best out of their crops. Canna has different product ranges designed for different grow methods, so you can find exactly what you need regardless of the medium or method you’re using.

The Canna product that we’ll be giving away is called Rhizotonic, a 100% natural root stimulant that is capable of giving your plants an extremely exuberant growth in as far as their root systems. If used when watering your crops during the growth phase and repeating the dosage for two weeks after each transplant, you’ll notice a unique level of development in your plants due to the fact that their roots will grow right up to the edges of the pot, completely filling it. Obviously, a larger root system causes your plants to grow extremely fast as well as absorb more nutrients ans other additives you might want to use. This means that you can water them more often and fertilize them more often, making for a much larger final yield.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

Another amazing seed bank that we collaborated with this year is Family Ganjah, a young seed bank with an extremely bright future; in just a few years they’ve managed to put out a catalogue of seeds worthy of even the best seed banks. Family Ganjah stands out for giving their strains a special touch, making them easy to tell apart from classic seeds that other seed banks have. These strains were developed with growers and their needs in mind, and each hybrid was meticulously selected and worked on, especially when it comes to retro-crossing and phenotypes.

The seed that we’ll be giving away from Family Ganjah this October is Critical Man, an extremely special version of Critical; the seed bank worked extremely hard to develop a completely different version of the classic strain, giving it the basic Critical characteristics as well as a series of unique touches and tones. It still has an amazing production capacity and a fast growth period that characterizes most Critical strains, although its structure is slightly different; it no longer has a large central stem and few branches, instead it has less of a distance between nodes making it much easier to make the most out of the space you have available.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

Big Boom is a fertilizer capable of multiplying the size of your plants’ buds, as well as having high PK levels that will cause your plants to explode with just one dosage. We recommend applying this product alongside a flowering fertilizer and sugars to get the best out of your plants’ buds; sugars are important if you want your buds to be full and heavier- We also recommend applying it sparingly due to how potent it is. At least 15 days before harvesting you’ll need to wash the roots so that your buds’ flavor isn’t altered in any way, allowing you to enjoy your harvest in the purest way.

Growbarato October 2017 Gift Campaign

So there you have it guys, if you’re in the area drop by one of our 40+ shops in Spain or have a look at our online shop and check the quality of these amazing products yourself with these free samples!

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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