’s New Smoking Paraphernalia

Smoking paraphernalia such as bongs and trays are pretty much a must when it comes to cannabis consumers, and this week we’ve gotten in some pretty dope new items for you guys to check out!

Our New Products section is full of brand new rolling trays, ash trays or eccentrically designed rolling papers, all of which are designed to wow and astonish our customers – get yourself or a special someone a little gift this year for Christmas.

Rolling’s New Smoking Paraphernalia

These brand new rolling trays by Smoke Arsenal are the perfect quirky accessory for any cannabis smoker. Trays are part and parcel of smoking weed unless you want to make a big mess everywhere – roll your joints in comfort with these beautifully designed trays.

We have two different models (18x14cm x 27.5×17.5cm) with various fun designs that’ll soon be the center of attention the next time you meet up with friends. The Godfather, Buzz Lightyear and Scooby Doo are just some of the designs available on these trays, as well as other known characters from TV or movies.

Silicone Pokeball’s New Smoking ParaphernaliaPokemon Fever has officially reached – now you can get your hands on one of these adorable and efficient silicone pokeballs, which you can use to store your BHO and other resin extracts. No need to worry about them sticking to the inside of the ball, all you need is a dabber to properly extract it.

These silicone balls are airtight when closed, so no excess humidity will be able to get to your extracts. They’re also a pretty fun accessory to have and a really easy way to move your extracts from one place to another. They’re pretty small, just 2.5cm in diameter, so you can simply plonk one in your pocket.

Super Smoker Levitating’s New Smoking Paraphernalia

One of our newest and coolest additions this year is the Super Smoker Levitating Base, a new product that’s designed for displaying your own weed around your house or in dispensaries. It is essentially an electromagnetic base on which a smaller base floats, allowing for a 360º view of your sample. It also has LED technology around the base so that it stands out even more in the dark.

This designer product is quite a high-end purchase, allowing you to add a little spice to your home decoration or your dispensary/cannabis club. All you need to do is find the right spot, connect it and turn it on.

Money Printed Smoking Papers’s New Smoking ParaphernaliaYou’ll be the king of the castle with these money printed smoking papers – you can smoke in style, using long papers with 100 dollar and 100 euro designs. These papers look extremely realistic and all of your friends will be dying to give them a go.

They are made using soy ink and 100% hemp fiber – they do not contain nicotine, tobacco or any other sort of chemical product. The sticky part was made using natural Arabic rubber, allowing you to easily stick your paper together without any sort of added toxic substances.

Futurola’s New Smoking Paraphernalia

Have you ever smoked a giant blunt? If not, we have the perfect cones for you here at With the Futurola Cones you can make yourself a 28cm long blunt – they come pre-rolled, so you just have to fill them up with weed or hash and make sure it’s packed down. They also come with a cardboard mouthpiece at the bottom, which has a filter inside that stops any bits of weed or tobacco from getting through.

These pre-rolled blunts are made out of extra thin paper so that you can enjoy your weed’s flavor as much as possible. We also have various sizes for all kinds of smokers.

Original Ash Trays & Silicone Kashed’s New Smoking ParaphernaliaOne of the accessories that every smoker has is an ash tray, and we have a bunch of new original ashtrays with interesting designs. These ash trays are perfect as gifts for your stoner friend or even as a new decorative item for your house. They’re made out of fiberglass, and all of them have something to do with cannabis or famous characters.

Another interesting ash tray we have is Kashed by Piece Maker. These silicone ash trays are quite large and they have slots in the sides for your lighter or papers, as well as holes that fit bangers, bowls and dabbers.