Grow Tents by Size

When growing cannabis indoors you have two possible options; you can grow using an entire room in your house, or you can use a grow tent in order to keep it smaller. Today we’re going to talk about Grow Tents and the particular tents that we stock at There’s quite a large range of tents, so we’re going to give you a quick run-down of different grow tents by size, their specs and which ones are best for tight budgets, space and/or the amount of cannabis you’re looking to grow.

What do I need to know before buying a grow tent?

Before you start buying anything you should have a clear set of goals in mind. Usually, when people grow cannabis they have a general yield in mind to tide them over until the next harvest. You should always know how many plants you want to grow before buying the material, as more plants generally means that you’ll need a more potent lighting system, among other accessories, which means that you’ll be spending more money.

In order to pick the perfect grow tent, we’re going to give you a few general tips on what lights to choose depending on the size of your tent. Keep in mind that the strength of your grow lamp also influences how strong your air extraction system needs to be.

What grow tent should I buy?

We’re going to use HPS lighting as our reference here, as they’re still the most used type of lights when it comes to growing cannabis. However, this is slowly changing thanks to innovative LED and LEC technology – we’ll give a generic overview of this type of lighting also.

Grow Tents by Size | 200-300g

grow tents by sizeFor those that are looking to harvest around 200-300g from their cannabis plants, we recommend using a 0.8×0.8×1.6m tent and a 250w HPS lighting system. If you’d prefer to work using LED lighting, we recommend using 200w lights, and for LEC systems the ideal set up would be a 315w LEC light dimmed down to 245w or 75% if your ballast allows for it.

Check out the store to get your hands on the ideal grow tent. It’s the right size and has a Mylar-covered interior. It’s made out of sturdy materials and is definitely well worth its price – an absolute steal.

Grow Tents by Size | 300-600g

grow tents by sizeIf you want to grow on a slightly larger scale, the perfect grow tent is around 1.2×1.2x2m. You should be using a 600w HPS light in a tent of this size. If you want to use LED lighting, the perfect system is a 400w lighting system, or LEC light between 315w and 630w.

In order to grow using this set up you can use a GT Grow Tent or Secret Jardín grow tent – both of them are great, although the prices to vary quite a lot, with one requiring a bit more of an investment than the other.

Grow Tents by Size | 600-1200g

grow tents by size

If you tend to consume a lot of cannabis or if you need a lot of flowers to make extracts or creams you’re better off growing in a double grow tent. They’re about 2.4×1.2x2m, and the ideal growing system is two 600w HPS lights. If you’d prefer to grow using LED lights, we highly recommend using two 400w grow lamps or three 200/300w lamps in order to distribute the light initially. For those that prefer using LEC lights, the perfect set up would be to use two 630w lamps, or if you’re experienced, three 315w lamps.

If you have your heart set on growing using a large grow tent, the best choice that we offer on are Secret Jardín’s Grow Tents. This particular brand specializes in making large, incredibly high-quality grow tents in every sense of the word.

Grow Tents by Size | Cultibox Grow Tents

Another great option if you think that you may start off small but want to grow your set-up in the future is Cultibox. Their Grow Tents can be attached to one another in order to make larger grow tents.

Check out their wide range of tents by clicking on this link.

Parts of a Grow Tent


grow tent structureGrow Tents generally have a light, sturdy aluminum barred structure. You’ll usually receive your grow tent with some plastic connectors that you’ll need to use to put the structure together, ending up with a rectangular shape. It’s not that hard to do – each metal bar is marked with letters, numbers or colors so that you know exactly where each one goes.

The easiest way to put it together is to open the cover fully and find the base of the tent. Begin attaching the bars, building it from the bottom upwards – this is easily the simplest way to set it up.


grow tent fabricThe fabric is possibly one of the most important parts of your grow tent – this is the only thing keeping the light out and in of the grow tent, which is incredibly important. You need to make sure that the fabric is fully opaque and doesn’t let any light through – this would be disastrous for your plants. It’ll also need to be quite sturdy, as the fabric in grow tents tends to go through a lot of wear and tear.

When placing the fabric on the structure of the grow tent you’ll need to be patient and do it carefully. It may seem too small at first, but keep in mind that it needs to be extremely tight around the structure. We recommend getting someone to give you a hand – one person inside the tent and the other outside should do it. Make sure to unzip everything before you start.

Reflective Materials

grow tent reflective sheetingThe reflective material on the inside of your grow tent is also incredibly important when choosing a grow tent. There are usually three types; white, grey and silver/Mylar.

White interiors are incredibly sturdy and last for quite a while, although they reflect less than 80% of the light produced by your lamps, so it’s not the best for light strength.

Grey interiors are similar to white ones, although they are a lot less sturdy – these generally come with cheaper, highly affordable grow tents that aren’t known for their quality but still work well if you don’t have a very big budget.

Silver or Mylar interiors are by far the best kind, although there are various different kinds that vary in quality, ranging from 90-95% light reflection, although all of them are highly effective and durable. If you can afford it we highly recommend getting a grow tent with Mylar interior walls.

Openings and vents

grow tent ventsThe openings and vents on your tent may vary greatly depending on the grow tent that you have, although they all usually have two or three openings such as passive vents along the bottom, and openings for the cables and your extraction fan. They also usually have an opening along the top for more cables if necessary.

Logically, the best grow tent has plenty of openings for cables, extraction fans, filters, Cool Tubes and any other accessories that you may have, as well as passive air vents for ventilation – all of these things are pretty necessary for growing cannabis indoors.

Some grow tents also allow you to access your plants via windows on the sides, which makes it much easier to work around your plants, water them and do any other maintenance that you may need without having to take them out of the tent. You’ll be able to get your chores done much quicker, plus you can use them to lower the temperature in the tent in extreme situations.


grow tent zipsFor a Grow Tent to be fully operational and opaque, it needs quality zippers that aren’t going to malfunction or break easily. The zippers are usually the part that tend to cause the most issues when it comes to setting up grow tents; keep in mind that they are the most-used part without a doubt. They end up getting stuck or being broken due to a lack of patience. If you accidentally rip the fabric of the tent because of the zip, you’ll end up with a little hole through which light can pass. Plus, if you break your zip or get it caught on something, you’ll have no way of closing your grow tent.

Fabric tray

This part is in charge of catching all of the dirt and excess water that spills onto the floor of the tent. This removable fabric tray protects the base of the tent, which is in direct contact with the floor and can cause damage to your home – plus it helps you to keep the whole thing much cleaner.

Grow Tents by Size | Complete Growing Kits

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