Green House Feeding Promo Campaign

To finish off January, we’ve prepared a special collaboration with one of the most renowned seed banks and cannabis nutrient manufacturers in the world; Green House Seeds and their very own nutrient brand, Green House Feeding. From January 16th to 31st you can get your very own free 10g sample of either Powder Feeding Grow or Powder Feeding Hybrids with every purchase made over 30€ in any of our stores or on our official web store, You’ll also be able to get your hands on merchandising products such as Green House Feeding fridge magnets, pens or stickers.

Green House Feeding Products

A few years ago Green House Seeds decided to begin manufacturing their very own nutrient range, designed specifically for feeding cannabis. They essentially wanted to offer growers all over the world the chance to obtain amazing results using simplified cannabis-specific products. This is thanks to the special ingredients in each product and the fact that they’re available in powdered format.

Green House Feeding offers two different ranges; they have their mineral range which is designed for commercial growers looking to increase yield without much effort at all. They also produce a bio range, which is fully organic and helps to improve aromas, flavors and strength without reducing yield at all nor damaging the environment. Both of their ranges are entirely free of impurities and heavy metals, which allows for a purer, more medicinal final product.

You can also use both of their ranges in drip irrigation systems, hydroponic systems and when growing in soil and watering. Plus, these products last for an incredibly long amount of time thanks to their composition.

Powder Feeding Grow

This product is specifically designed for being used during your plants’ vegetative period, when it’s growing. When used during the veg period, your plants will grow fast and strong, with plenty of energy; they’ll grow into a strong, robust structure. This product can be used on any strain both indoors and outdoors, for maintaining mother plants and for feeding rooted clones. It has an NPK – MG concentrate of 24-6-12-1.2, as well as other types of micro-elements; the main ingredient is clearly nitrogen, which is why this product produces such green, strong plants.

Powder Feeding Hybrids

This product, as its name would suggest, is designed for using with hybrid strains around 40/60% that take no longer than 8 weeks to flower. This product is specifically designed to give these types of strains the perfect diet, giving them plenty of strength to go into the flowering period. It has an NPK and Mg of 15-7-22-3.6, allowing your plants to grow into a thick, strong structure that produces dense, potent flowers. This product contains more potassium, which promotes root growth and flower formation, making for dense and incredibly aromatic buds. This product is used during the growth and flowering periods.

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