Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Today we’ll show you how to easily germinate cannibis seeds. Many people are just starting to grow their own marihuana, which may be due to the recent wave of increased social acception, Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easilywhether it’s used to treat an illness or for the meer pleasure of smoking your own weed. A lot of people are taken aback by the idea of planting their own seeds because they think it’s difficult, or because their plants tend to die. This is usually because they don’t have enough information regarding the process; the seeds might be kept too cold, too warm, too wet, too dry etc. In this article we’ll help you so that when you germinate your seeds you won’t go wrong, resulting in a top quality plant, and no disasterous mistakes. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

Material needed to successfully germinate seeds

  • Kitchen paper
  • Plastic tupperware
  • A.C X-Seed by B.A.C.
  • Tin foil (if your tupperware is transparent)
  • The marihuana seeds that you want to germinate

Steps recquired to germinate your seeds

Now that we have everything we need, we can start the germination process.

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure you have everything you need at hand, so that you don’t have to worry about needing to get anything else.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 2: Soak the seeds

Submerge your seeds in the B.A.C. X-Seed liquid for an hour. Give it a stir with a spoon every now and then so that the seeds are thoroughly soaked.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 3: Germination

While our seeds are soaking, we’ll move on to preparing the tupperware. We’ll make a makeshift “bed” on the bottom with damp kitchen paper, but make sure it isn’t soaking. I personally like to use 3 layers of kitchen paper; I wet the paper and I let it dry without wrinkling it, hanging it out just like a t-shirt so that all of the excess water can easily drain out. No need to worry about drying it, as we want the kitchen paper to be damp.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 4: Separation

After our seeds have been in the B.A.C. X-Seed liquid for an hour, using a spoon we will carefully extract the seeds from the liquid and we will spread them evenly across the bottom of our tupperware. An even spread is important, so as the roots of each seed to not get tangled.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 5: Cover the seeds

Once we have all of our seeds nicely placed in our tupperware container, we will cover the seeds with another layer of damp kitchen paper, similar to the first layer that we put at the bottom. At this point, your seeds should be completely covered.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 6: Take care

Once we’ve finished covering our seeds, we have to close our tupperware so that the kitchen paper doesn’t dry out, which is a mistake that many people make; when the paper dries up some people tend to add more water, sometimes too much, in an effort to prolong the drying process. These kinds of things usually ruin the entire process. If the tupperware is transparent, like ours, all we have to do is cover it in tin foil so that absolutely no light can get in. In this particular case, we used tin foil.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 7: Temperature adjustments

Once we’ve closed our tupperware and have isolated it from the light, we should leave it somewhere with a nice, neutral temperature. During winter it’s often harder to find a good spot, so we should try and find a heat source that isn’t excessive. You can use a computer modem, a TTD etc. Items like playstations are too hot and could end up cooking our seeds, so be careful where you put them. We chose the TTD box that we have at home.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 8: After care

After about a day, our seeds will have opened, showing off the start of their roots. This means we need to be extremely careful when maneuvering them. Don’t leave them for long because once they’re open they’re ready to be moved to soil.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Easily

Step 9: Moving to soil

Now that our seeds are officially germinated, we need to move them to the growing medium in which they will remain for the rest of the growing process. Germinated seeds are generally moved to soil, but they can also be planted in rock wool for hydro growing, or in a jiffy if you want to cultivate in coco coir. In this article we’ll be dealing with the most common method: planting our seeds in soil.

Start by filling a small pot with soil, no more than half a litre. Water it thoroughly before even thinking about planting your seed. Once the soil is damp enough to weigh down the plant pot, use the tip of your finger to create a small 0.5-0.1cm hole in the middle of the soil, and deposit the seed in the hole with the root facing downwards. Then, cover the seed with a slight amount of soil so that it is 0.5-0.1cm from the surface, and your seed is ready to come to life. The last step in this process is to put your plant pot in the sun or under your lamps (wherever you’re planning on growing it). Within a couple of days we’ll see that first sprout, that will keep on growing right until the end.

Once the seeds gets going, the stem grows rather long usually because the plant itself is looking for sunlight. We recommend using a small plant pot for the first 10 days, and once the stem stops growing upwards you should move it to a bigger, 3,5L pot so you can bury the excess stem, because later on roots still grow from this particular part, making our plant a lot stronger, and also this will save you a lot of branch space.

Keep an eye out on our follow up article on planting cannabis in soil.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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