What is a franchise?

A franchise is a business model where a brand or company (franchiser) that is consolidated in a specific sector offers its business system to a third party (franchisee) in order to expand their company or brand. This usually involves a contract that obviously holds specific clauses for both contracting parts. GB The Green Brand is very well-established in the cannabis industry and offers the best grow shop franchise. 

Franchises are everywhere, the vast majority of take-away and fast food companies work with this business model (hamburger restaurants, pizzerias, Italian restaurants, Mexicans, etc). The same goes for supermarkets, plenty of them work in a similar way, by opening new establishments through franchisees.

It’s easy to realize that all shopping centers hold the same franchises. This is because those companies are business models with contrasted and proven rentability. 

The best grow shop franchise

The cannabis industry, just like most corporate sectors, is very competitive and requires a lot of tools and knowledge to be part of it with guaranteed success. Plenty of cannabis grow shops had to close down because their businesses couldn’t obtain the minimum profit to stay open. This is due to plenty of factors, it is not the same thing entering into an industry on your own than doing it with a consolidated brand backing you up on the venture. In this regard, GB The Green Brand provides security and reassurance by offering the best grow shop franchise.

GB The Green Brand is one of the most acknowledged cannabis companies on a European and International level. There are more than 40 franchises all over Spain and there is GB presence in Chile and Mexico. 

Running the best grow shop franchise is only possible with GB The Green Brand:

  • Market study: Before opening a franchise, GB The Green Brand studies the selected location to verify its viability in order to guarantee success after its opening. If the location doesn’t meet minimum requirements, it won’t be possible to choose that site.
  • The most competitive prices: All GB The Green Brand franchises have unbeatable buying prices. This is thanks to the brand’s volume purchase and direct contact with most manufacturers and dealers of the sector.
  • Private labels: GB The Green Brand has a team of experts in charge of developing specific products for cannabis cultivation, always made with great quality materials, such as GB Strains, Boom Nutrients and GB Lighting. These products don’t go through any middleman, manufacturer or dealer, therefore, they have an affordable and attractive price for the clients. This selection of great quality products is only available in the best grow shop franchises, such as GB The Green Brand.
  • Sustained development: GB The Green Brand is a trendy leading brand that is expanding steadily, just like its sector. GB is constantly improving and growing in order to offer our franchisees the best and newest products, as well as an immediate solution to any doubt or problem.
  • 10 years of experience: Thanks to GB The Green Brand’s extensive trajectory, this company has qualified professionals and specialized technicians in charge of training our franchisees on cultivation and sales techniques. Franchisees have to compromise to keep up with the high quality required by the company. 
  • Absolute brand consolidation: When working with GB The Green Brand, you won’t need to worry about advertisement; we are very active in all social networks and have a presence in magazines, radio and cannabis blogs. We also sponsor different festivals, cannabis cups and other events. Our eye-catching and visual corporate image provides a sense of great quality and compromise.
  • Unbeatable customer service: This company’s priority is to have excellent customer service and treat our clients like we would like to be treated. Empathy, understanding, listening, kindness and common sense are some of the basics to carry out this task properly. This facilitates an excellent relationship between the franchiser and the franchisee, which is very important in order to deal with any difficulty or inconvenience in a positive and decisive way. 
  • Product catalog: GB The Green Brand offers more than 14,650 reference products of more than 630 different brands. Its catalog includes the best products and brands of the cannabis market, meeting all the needs growers might have. If it’s not in GB The Green Brand, it doesn’t exist.

All of this and a lot more is what makes GB The Green Brand the best grow shop franchise.

GB The Green Brand franchises

There are over 40 GB The Green Brand franchises all over Spain, and it’s present in most Spanish cities. Furthermore, GB’s online shop is regarded as one of the best online grow shops in the market.

We have a great interaction with users and potential customers through social networks; and also create great quality content such as tutorials, videos and blogs. All of that plus radio advertisements and presence in events means that GB The Green Brand is very well-known and users identify it as a great quality and trustworthy brand.

By opening a GB The Green Brand franchise you aren’t only acquiring the best grow shop franchise; you are also getting the backup and compromise that we offer to each franchisee. We providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to open the shop and start running it successfully. GB also provides constant support and training in order to continue being a leading brand.

Opening a GB The Green Brand franchise is synonymous for success, quality and reliability. More than 80% of our franchisers recover their initial investment in 2 or 3 years; which is something very few businesses can offer. Most GB The Green Brand’s franchises are still open to this day, providing their franchisees with economic stability.

One of the major factors that pushes people to open their own businesses is them looking forward to working for themselves. This feeling is great, and in most cases, it is decisive. However, being realistic, in an ocean full of sharks, a small fish finds it very difficult to survive; it doesn’t matter how much it tries. If you want to be part of the cannabis industry with guaranteed success, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll inform you on how to open the best grow shop franchise, GB The Green Brand. 

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Erik Collado

With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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