Its summer now, and more and more people are beginning to take on outdoor grows, although this year many people are planting a bit later than usual in order to maintain small, manageable plants. This makes hiding and camouflaging plants much easier, as you can simply hide them behind a wall, in a corner or behind other plants – if you plant at the start of the season and don’t have the space, you might have size issues. Read on to find out the best flowering stimulants.

The biggest issue when it comes to planting later is that you’ll get less yield, so you’ll need to use some of the best fertilizers and nutrients out there if you want to make the most out of the time and money you’ve invested in your plants.

Some of the best products that you can use to increase yield in your grow are flowering stimulants, which are used to increase the amount of flowers and decrease space between nodes, which also increases the amount and size of flowers. When people start off growing, they tend to only use base fertilizers, forgetting all about the many different kinds of stimulants. If you’re one of them, maybe this year we can change your mind – you’ll see that stimulants are a bit pricier but it’s more than worth it when you compare the results.

Flowering stimulants are only used during the first few weeks of the flowering phase, as this is when your plants will be focusing on growing new flowers and you’ll want to stimulate and impulse this process as much as possible. Once all of the flowers have grown, if you continue using the stimulant, all you’ll be doing is increasing the EC unnecessarily so there’s no need to use it. If you want your plants to continue growing and fattening, you’ll need to use other fertilizers like a base fertilizer, sugars, or a PK fattening product.

All of the flowering stimulants that we’re going to mention give spectacular results, although all they do is increase the amount of buds so if you want to increase general yield you’ll need to use the other products according to brand.

The Best Flowering Stimulants - Bud IgnitorBud Ignitor by Advanced Nutrients is, without a doubt, one of the most effective flowering stimulants that’s on the market. You’ll be surprised by how easily this product can make your plants sprout new buds even on the lowest branches. Many growers consider this one of the best products on the market, which is quite an achievement, as this is one of the most used fertilizer brands in the world.

The Best Flowering Stimulants - Quick BoostQuick Boost by Pro XL is a flowering stimulant brought to you by one of the most prestigious fertilizer brands when it comes to cannabis growing; it gives visible results almost immediately. It’s usually used by commercial growers that are looking for the perfect combination between product quality and yield amount, although this brand may be slightly pricier than other brands’ versions.

The Best Flowering Stimulants - hesi boostHesi Boost is used to give your plants an enormous amount of new calyxes, and if you’ve been using the base fertilizers by the same brand then your plants will have quite a large, strong structure towards the end. It’s a highly concentrated product, so we recommend using the minimum dose recommended.

The Best Flowering Stimulants - palm treePalm Tree by Guanokalong is a 100% organic product for those growing all natural, all organic grows. It’s made out of palm tree ash from the isle of Sumatra. It comes in powder format and you can use it various different ways; you can mix it in proportionately with the substrate or dilute it in your water that you use to water your plants. If you mix it with the substrate, we recommend using Guanokalong’s guano too, which will also improve your plants’ flowering period and final yield.

The Best Flowering Stimulants - delta 9Delta 9 by Cannabiogen is one of the most-used flowering stimulants in the world, as it works as a flowering stimulant as well as extra carbs for your plants – the reason so many people use it is because you’ll practically get two results for one product. This is the only flowering stimulant that keeps working right until the end of your grow due to the amount of sugars it contains.

The correct way to apply it is by using it on the leaves twice; once 10 days before the start of the flowering period, and another 10 days later. Then, keep applying it on the substrate every 10 days up until the end of the grow.

Whichever stimulant that you decide to go with, remember that it will only increase flower yield during the first 3-4 weeks of flowering – after, you’ll need to use the right additives and nutrients. They’ll be much more effective if you combine them with products from the same brand.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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