Extreme Autoflowering Indoor Grows

Today we’re going to talk about extreme autoflowering indoor grows that are capable of producing a huge yield in just two months. Autoflowering strains tend to work quite well indoors, as they love having a decent climate and sun, which is something that you can guarantee in an indoor grow.

Cultivo Extremo de autoflorecientes en interiorBefore starting your grow you’ll need to figure out the amount of plants you’re planning on growing. If you’re growing 3 month autoflowering plants then 4 plants per square meter is enough. If they take just 2 months then you can place up to 9. Make sure you don’t plant too many, however, as they’ll get rather tall and you’ll need to distance the light from the branches; this will cause your plants to grow properly on top but poorly along the bottom.

In our grow we planted one seed of each of these autoflowering strains; Somango, Critical+, Lavender, White Widow, Skunk, Northern Lights, AK47, Diesel, Jack, Haze and Amnesia. All of them were ready a quick 65 days after germination.

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsWhat we used:

  • Autoflowering bulk seeds
  • 600W Lighting Kit
  • Professional Canna Terra Substrate
  • MicroVita by Top Crop
  • Micro, grow and Bloom by Advanced Nutrients
  • Bud Ignitor by Advanced Nutrients
  • Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients
  • Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients
  • Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients
  • Monster Bloom by Grotek

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsFirst, you’ll need to begin by germinating your seeds using the paper towel method, and then plant them in small flowerpots until the sapling grows for about 4-5 days, which is when you’ll need to transplant them to 7L flowerpots, mixing MicroVita in with the substrate; a spoonful of the spoon that comes with the product per flowerpot is more than enough.

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsOnce you transplant them to 7L pots, you’ll need to bury the trunk slightly so that the root can grow out and your plant can easily withstand air and breezes. You’ll also need to pay close attention to how much water you use in the new flowerpots, as your saplings hardly have any roots yet and if you soak the substrate too much you’re likely to rot the root or mess with its development. What I usually do is I water with two glasses of water around the edges of the flowerpot to entice the roots to grow towards the edges of the flowerpot. You can use rooting hormones in this water.

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsUp until day 13-14 of the grow, everything is moving quite slowly still, but in the next 10 days our plants grow immensely if you haven’t watered them too much. You can start using growth fertilizer at this stage – make sure you don’t use too much water; you should only water your plants once the soil in the pot dries up, and water just enough so that it dries up again after a day or two. I begin with two glasses of water and then water with one. Once the plants drink all of the water from one glass in one day, I raise the dosage to two glasses. Once the soil is dry after just a day, I raise it to three glasses and so on until the plant is drinking as much as it possibly can; some drink more than others. It’s very important to water each plant accordingly and individually at least until they begin flowering, in which case they will all be on more or less the same level.

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsOnce day 21 comes around (or day 28 for 3 month autos) you’ll need to start using a flowering stimulant. Personally, I always used Bud Ignitor as it entices the plants to flower earlier; you can use whichever stimulant you prefer, but if you want an amazing yield you’ll need to use one. It’s used alongside your growing fertilizer until the pre-flowers appear which is when you should switch out the growth fertilizer for the flowering one.

After a few days (around day 27-28) you should see some buds beginning to form along the tips of the branches – this is when I switch out the flowering stimulant for a sugar product that you should give your plants during the entire flowering period so that when you use the fattening product the plant has actual sugars to fatten your buds with.

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsKeep using the flowering fertilizer and the sugars every second watering until the fattening phase. We use Advanced Nutrients, meaning that instead of a normal flowering fertilizer we use Micro-Grow-Bloom and Big Bud which is a liquid that helps buds to grow bigger, and for sugars we use Bud Candy. We used all of these products together in alternate irrigations.

Once the buds have grown (around day 36-37) then you’ll need to start using the fattening fertilizer. Because we use Advanced Nutrients’ line, then we’ll switch Big Bud out for Overdrive, and we keep up with the alternate waterings until the end of the grow.

Extreme Autoflowering Indoor GrowsOnce your grow reaches day 50-52, then you need to water using just pure water to begin cleaning the roots of salts to clean the plant of any leftover residues and nutrients – this helps the plant to taste much better when dried and cured instead of tasting like chlorophyll. You can also wash the roots out in a bathtub, although if your plants aren’t taking on much water at the time it’s much better to simply wash them out by watering them until the end.

Now, all you have to do is wait until your plants are completely mature and harvest them! I’m willing to bet anything that if you’ve follow our steps you’ll get a bigger harvest than what you were getting before.

Here’s a quick video showing how our plants grew from day one until harvest day so that you can see how your grow should be doing.

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