Boom Nutrients is a bio-mineral fertilizer brand designed for cannabis that stands out thanks to its range of affordable, concise and easy-to-use products that are incredibly high in quality. These products allow both professional growers and less experienced growers to make the absolute most of their high quality ingredients and properties, obtaining amazing results from your plants in every sense of the word.

Discover Boom Nutrients’ Tripacks

The Boom Nutrients nutrient brand can be used on autoflowering and feminized plants grown both indoors and outdoors without any sort of issue or change. In order to make it easier for growers to try these products out, they have a range of affordable Tripacks, which are great for beginners. They stock the following tripacks; Candy Tripack, Start Tripack and Boom Tripack. If you want to try out their entire range using smaller formats you can do so by getting your hands on the Boom Nutrients Complete Kit. Demanding growers that have lots of plants and need more product can also get the 5L formats, which are available for all of their products.

Boom nutrientsBoom nutrientsboom nutrients


Boom Nutrients Cannabis Fertilizers

Boom nutrients

What is Roots Boom by Boom Nutrients?

Roots Boom is a potent root stimulant made using high quality natural algae cold-pressed in order to extract all of their amazing properties. It also contains a small amount of nitrogen (3%), which is absolutely vital for small plants to begin growing fast and large. When used, this product can cause your plants to produce even more roots and smaller root hairs which increase the amount of nutrients that your plants can absorb. This product also ensures that your plants recover quickly from stress after a transplant, and you can even help plants recover from issues such as heat, humidity and insect infestations. You can use this product on autoflowering and feminized plants both indoors and outdoors.

crecimiento boom

What is Crecimiento Boom by Boom Nutrients for?

Crecimiento Boom is a growth fertilizer for cannabis plants that contains the perfect proportion of macro and micro-ingredients that have been studied and perfected for your plants’ growth stage. To be exact, it contains 11% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus and 6% potassium, which allows your plants to grow and produce a large amount of branches as well as massive leaves which are capable of absorbing much more light which then makes for larger plants and a more intense photosynthetic process. This means larger plants in less time, allowing them to produce massively hefty flowers. You need to use this product during the growth period right until the second flowering week, and you should start using it around 10 days after your seeds have popped up from the soil or ground. You can use this product alongside Roots Boom in autoflowering and feminized plants both indoors and outdoors.

floracion boomFloración Bloom by Boom Nutrients Results

Floración Boom is a flowering base fertilizer for cannabis plants and it essentially does the same thing as Crecimiento Boom but for the flowering period, containing the perfect ingredients for the bloom stage (NPK 5-7-10%). Thanks to this particular combination, your plants will receive the perfect essential base nutrients so that they can grow and flower as best possible, creating thick, large and aromatic flowers without needing to add any additives or fattening products. You can, however, use these products if you want to, such as Super Boom, and when used together the results are truly astonishing. You’ll need to start using this product about a week before the first flowers begin to pop up (this should be the 2nd or 3rd flowering week) and you’ll need to stop using it around 15 days before harvesting. This product can be used on autoflowering and feminized plants both indoors and outdoors.

Soil coco boom a+b

Can you use Soil Coco Boom A+B in Soil?

Soil Coco Boom A+B is a base fertilizer for cannabis grown in coco coir which is made up of two parts (A+B) so that it can combine two pure mineral solutions for plants that are in a medium which doesn’t contain any nutrients at all. These products are designed to stay in coco coir substrates for quite a while, so that your plants have constant access to nutrients without suffering any mishaps. In order to obtain the best results you’ll need to adjust the pH and EC in your water, and you’ll need to start using this coco coir fertilizer base from the start of your plants’ feeding phase right up until you flush its roots. Thanks to this product, you can grow healthy, sturdy plants all through the growth period and then enormous, delicious flowers during the bloom period. This product can be used on autoflowering and feminized plants indoors and outdoors.

candy boom

What does Candy Boom by Boom Nutrients do?

Candy Boom is a product that’s capable of drastically increasing the amount of resin that your plant can produce, as well as increasing the amount of terpenes and the size of their flowers thanks to the amount of carbs that it contains and its C/N ratio (Carbon/Nitrogen). This product is a great idea for feeding beneficial microorganisms in your plants’ substrate. It can be used in the growth and bloom periods, although it’s generally used once the first flowers begin to appear. It’s been proven that one of the most important ingredients when it comes to growing high quality cannabis is carbon, which is why it’s almost a must. This product can be used in autoflowering and feminized flowers indoors or outdoors.

Super Boom

How to get Massive Flowers using Super Boom

Super Boom is a highly efficient cannabis fattening product thanks to its perfect PK levels, which allows cannabis plants to absorb it super-fast, leaving almost no residues behind whatsoever while also highly stimulating your plants. This allows you to harvest large, compact, resinous and potent flowers in short amounts of time without having it affect the flavor at all. In order to make the absolute most out of this product, you need to use it alongside Floración Boom and it should be used from the moment the first real flowers begin to show, which should be around the 3rd or 4th week after flipping the lights to 12/12h. This product can be used on autoflowering and feminized plants grown indoors and outdoors, and we highly recommend measuring the pH and EC in order to make the most out of it.

Adjusting pH with Boom pH Plus by Boom Nutrients

Boom pH Plus increases the amount of pH in your water fast and easily, allowing you to work with the perfect pH levels for growing cannabis in coco, peat and hydroponically. This product is a highly concentrated pH reducer, and you won’t need much in order to increase your pH; long-lasting and efficient. For the best results when it comes to measuring pH, we recommend adding in your Boom Nutrients products first, then mix them thoroughly and let them sit for a few minutes. After a while, you’ll need to measure the pH and adjust it accordingly; we recommend testing it with tap water a few times in order to make sure you have the dose right. This product contaains 25% potassium hydroxide.

How to use Boom pH Down

Boom pH Down reduces the pH in your nutrient solution efficiently using small amounts, which allows you to keep pH levels within the right range so that your plants can easily absorb all of the nutrients used, making sure that they don’t end up accumulating and blocking your substrate which could cause the roots to begin to rot. Just like with pH Down, you need to use this product after adding and mixing the rest of your Boom Nutrients products that you’re going to be working with. In order to properly adjust the pH we recommend testing small amounts of this water on tap water first. This product contains 38% phosphoric acid.

How to use Flush Boom by Boom Nutrients

Flush Boom is a cleaner designed for during the last two weeks of your plants’ flowering process or for any time that your plants are going through any sort of over-feeding, especially for excess nutrients. In order to get the best results from this product we recommend using it two to four times during the last two weeks alongside a pH of 6-6.5 and a 0.0 EC. If your plants are suffering from excess nutrients, we recommend holding off nutrients for a week and using Flush Boom once or twice with the pH adjusted and 0.0 EC.

This article is designed to give a brief overview of Boom Nutrients, allowing you to get a feel for what they do and if they’re right for you. We highly recommend giving them a go and seeing the results for yourself! Soon we’ll be posting about how to use these amazing, affordable products and how to read its feeding schedule.

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