Dinafem is a reference seed bank in Spain. Also very well known in Europe and worldwide; mainly due to the fact that they were pioneers at creating the feminized version of plenty of classic seeds. Its catalogue proudly includes the genesis of internationally famous seeds on their feminized version, such as Moby Dick, Critical + or Industrial Planet. With 20 years of activity in the industry, Dinafem is one of the eldest seed banks in Spain.

Unfortunately, Dinafem had to suspend its business activity due to a court process, but hopefully it’ll be back once the investigation is over.


Origins of Dinafem

Dinafem’s origins go back to 2005. Launched by LaMota, a small grow-shop in San Sebastian specialized in cannabis seeds that opened its doors in 1999, when it was still necessary to trade with Holland in order to get seeds. The project started with three friends. They had a common hobby and wanted to share their interest for self-cultivation with other people.

The company, a pioneer in the Spanish cannabis industry, didn’t take long to succeed and move to bigger premises. In 2005, La Mota started their web page, which increased their sales and forced the move to even bigger headquarters. In that same year, as a result of their amazing growth, they launched their own seed bank: Dinafem Seeds.

From the very start, Dinafem has been a cannabis forerunner thanks to its entrepreneurial business; well reflected in their catalogue, full of daring proposals. Their first inventory included 6 feminized strains of their own: Power Kush, White Widow, California Hash Plant, Blue Widow, Blue Hash and Mody Dick; which arrived a bit later. Up until that moment, practically no seed bank featured a catalogue with only feminized seeds, which by the way, had a terrible reputation in those days.

Dinafem’s Business Model

La Mota and Dinafem backed up their business models from the very first day with the 1961 Vienna law, the 25.1 Organic Law on Protection of Citizen Security and article 368 of the Criminal Code. These laws establish that selling marijuana seeds in Spain is legal because they don’t have any narcotic substances. The seller has to make it very clear that such seeds are for collection purposes only. The client is the one that accepts that condition and compromises to not germinate them.

However, Dinafem’s success doesn’t come only from selling cannabis seeds legally, but also due to its great quality product. Their first catalogue included six great quality feminized seeds created in a laboratory; although, back then they weren’t very popular among consumers. Besides, no other seed bank offered only this seed format. However, they managed to turn the extended market tendencies over to feminized seeds.

Later on, they entered the autoflowering field, creating some worldwide known strains; such as Amnesia Auto, Critical + Auto, or OG Kush Auto. Their genetics have always been outstanding and it was no different when they launched CBD-rich strains back in 2011; specially aimed at people only interested in the medical aspect of cannabis. Their latest project involved creating psychoactive-free genotypes, lowering the THC content of certain strains.

Overall, Dinafem has always been a step ahead of the rest of companies in the industry; visualizing the market tendencies before its competitors and offering new and great quality products. It has advanced at the same speed as its customers, becoming one of the best-selling companies in the cannabis industry.

Dinafem’s present and future

Nowadays, Dinafem is part of a court procedure that started in September 2020; when the Guardia Civil (Spanish state security force) dismantled their headquarters due to the Inxer-Toro operation. They disassembled 11 grows and other sites, including its laboratories. The National Audience had been investigating the company since 2018, when they detected certain irregularities.

The Guardia Civil, the Health Ministry and the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products are all working together in this thorough investigation. As a result of the intervention, they arrested 14 people and 8 are under investigation. They searched 12 homes and 5 headquarters in the provinces of Guipuzcoa and Navarre. They found 2100 cannabis plants in different growth stages, 20 million feminized seeds and more than 207,000 € in cash.

Dinafem’s current situation

Dinafem is currently accused of criminal organization, money laundering, crimes against public health and electricity fraud. This last charge is due to suspicions related to electricity manipulation to lower the light bill in one of the grows. They also accuse them of encouraging the consumption of illegal substances by selling marijuana seeds, creating media content explaining how to grow weed, and answering doubts in their blog and social network profiles.

Since the start of this legal process, Dinafem had to stop its production. Its possible return to the industry depends on the resolution once the investigation is over. For now, this forced stop means that all of its workers are on a Temporary Work Regulation Expedient (ERTE); receiving only a percentage of their wages. Dinafem’s lack of activity means that their seeds are scarce; the situation will remain like this until the company gets back on track.

All we can do for now is wait for the National Audience investigation on Dinafem to finish before we can find out if the company will come back to the market, and especially, if it will recover its top-rated ranking.

Plenty of cannabis growers hope to see this amazing seed bank back in the cannabis industry; and continue to distribute their well-known tin boxes to all the grow shops in the world.

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