How to Deal with Excess Water in Your Crops

When growing your own marijuana plants you can often have a lot of different issues with your crop, especially if you’re a beginner and you don’t have much experience yet. One of the most common problems that novice growers tend to have is that they water their crops too much, which can cause their roots to rot. Today we’re going to explain how to deal with excess water in your plants.Excess water in your crops

If your plants still haven’t stretched out, extra water can be a big issue, because it can pool at the bottom of the flowerpot, rotting the roots at the bottom. This is a definitive period in small strains due to the fact that it puts a break on growth and can end up dwarfing your plants. This is extremely definitive for small strains, making for a much lower yield. Also, if this happens to just one plant indoors, then the rest of them will outgrow it and prevent any light from reaching it.

To avoid this, what you have to do is begin watering them with just a glass of water, and don’t up the dose until your plants are big enough to need a glass of water a day, which should take about a week. This is done to naturally encourage your plants to grow bigger roots, making for bigger specimens with a higher absorption capacity.

When your plants are big enough you won’t have to worry about them, apart from specific incidences, which don’t tend to happen too often. If you’ve watered your plants too much, the first thing that you’ll have to do is wait a couple of days until they’re completely dry. Because the water tends to pool at the bottom of the flowerpots, it’s probably safe to assume that your plants roots will begin to rot. When you water it next, you’ll need to use enzymes so that your root system can improve and get better.

Excess water in marijuanaEnzymes are catalyzing molecules that are in charge of chemical processes in your plant. In marijuana plants we use them to dissolve unused roots much faster, turning them into sugars that the plants will absorb, leaving space for them to develop new healthy roots.

If you take care of the issue fast enough, you’ll hardly notice a break in your plants growth, although it will probably stop growing for a couple of days. If this happens more than once the negative results will be visible in the harvest and its final yield, making for a lighter final product. On top of that, if your plants’ roots rot more than once, they eventually might not regenerate, causing fungi to appear.

After all of this you can continue watering and fertilizing as usual, taking care to not repeat the mistake. If you use enzymes during your crops entire life cycle, then its roots will be much healthier and have a lower possibility of rotting.Excess water in marijuana

One of the main reasons why roots tend to get soaked is that some growers tend to water their plants suddenly, emptying out the water straight into the plant. A plants capacity to absorb water can vary for many reasons; humidity, temperature, how long it’s been since you watered… A strain that took on a liter of water last week might only need half a liter this week, so you’d be giving it much more water than it needs. The best way to water your plants is to pour the water in little by little, allowing it to be absorbed until you can see the water falling out of the holes in the flowerpot. From that moment onwards, you should stop watering.

Even if you water like this you can still have a mishap, so we recommend paying special attention to when you water your plants. Keep in mind that overwatering small plants will completely put a stop on their growth, so water them carefully and take your time.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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