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Articles on tending to marijuana crops so that you can easily manage your favorite plant. In these articles we’ll show you how to grow marijuana right from start up until harvest time, including all methods available. You can learn to plant marijuana indoors, outdoors, how to use fertilizers or when to transplant your plants. The best advice from our experts here at Growbarato is just a click away.

Cannabis: Types of Fungi

Fungi are microorganisms that generally live on/off other organisms such as animals, food and many, many kinds of plants. Today we’re going to talk about different types of fungi that can infest cannabis plants and how to get rid of them; keep your plants healthy and stable without losing any […]

How to Feminize Cannabis Seeds

The world of cannabis has evolved more in the last 15 years than it has in the last century. Society has also evolved, allowing cannabis plants to slowly make their way into pop culture, with more and more strains available as well as accessories to smoke or consume cannabis with. […]

Outdoor Crop Season

March has arroved, days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and the sun is getting stronger by the day. It’s time to grow outside, and a lot of growers are preparing themselves to get the absolute most out of their outdoor crops. Other growers prefer to wait and begin growing […]

Automatic Watering for your Cannabis Grow

In this article we’re going to talk about how to set up automatic watering for your cannabis grow, something that can genuinely be a lifesaver for growers that have spent years hand-watering their plants. Technically, 100% automatic watering is something that still can’t be done, but there are systems in […]

Watering Cannabis Under the Flowerpot

Watering cannabis under the flowerpot itself is a technique that can come in really handy when planting certain kinds of plants or if you’ve planted a large amount of cannabis plants and you don’t want to have to be watering them every day and having to move them all around. […]

How Long can you Keep Water in the Tank?

How long can you keep water in the tank? This is a question that both novice and experienced growers ask all the time – irrigation water for your plants is extremely important, and if that water isn’t in a good state or has gone off you could lose your entire […]

Why Aren’t my Clones Rooting?

This is a question that many growers tend to ask themselves; why aren’t my clones rooting? There can be many reasons but when it happens and you have no idea why it tends to be down to a small minor mistake that was made when making the cuts or during […]

Oxygen Capsules for Cannabis Roots

Around 500 years BC, the philosopher Plato was raving about the wine he made on his land. In his chronicles he said that nuts, believe it or not, were responsible for the amazing quality of the wine that came from his land. According to him, his success with wine was […]

Deficiencies Due to Excess Nutrients

Deficiencies due to excess nutrients is a lot more common than you would think; many people believe that by giving their cannabis plants more fertilizers they’ll solve anything, and if your plants are showing potassium deficiencies then the best thing is to give them potassium. This isn’t necessarily true, as […]

How to Get a Bigger Cannabis Yield

Today we’re going to give you some hints and tips on how to get a bigger cannabis yield. There are so many factors that come into play when talking about yield, such as how you grow your plants and also how you dry and cure them. With these practical tips […]

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