CBD is going through an important commercial revolution. Now that the benefits of this cannabinoid are proven, along with its multiple uses, plenty of brands are starting to sell CBD products.

This cannabinoid is found in hemp flowers, which are legally sold in Spain, as long as their THC content is lower than 0.2%, and also in plenty of CBD products aimed at different purposes.

Some CBD products available nowadays are: oils, soaps, cosmetics, hygiene products, pills, drinks, chewing gums, candies, cookies, wines, tooth pastes, flours, syrups, lip balms, serums, etc.

Nutrition and CBD products

CBD products focused on nutrition are starting to have a strong presence in supermarkets. Some well-known chefs have started adding this cannabinoid to their recipes as it doesn’t have any psychotropic properties.

Some everyday products already have natural CBD content in their composition, such as cocoa, flax seeds, black pepper or rosemary.

Another way to introduce CBD into our diet is by isolating CBD and adding it separately to different recipes or foods, not for its flavor, but for the plenty of benefits it provides.

Plenty of elite athletes are already adding it to their diets and obtaining the benefits CBD properties provide, such as: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-seizure, neuro protective and antioxidant.

CBD products and hygiene

CBD properties are perfect to treat certain skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis as well as to moisturize all sorts of skin types. For this reason, CBD is added to hygiene products such as shower gel, shampoo, soap, cream or CBD oil.

CBD products

CBD based cosmetics

CBD based cosmetics are moisturizing, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory, among other properties, therefore, plenty of popular brands are starting to launch CBD products to the market. Nowadays, CBD is included in: creams, serums, oils, toothpastes, intimate hygiene soaps, lubricants and more.

CBD flowers

Without a doubt, CBD’s star products are hemp flowers and oil. These flowers are intended for displaying, ornamental and collection purposes only; and they are available in a wide range of brands, qualities, colors, strains and concentrations.
In order for these flowers to be legally available , THC levels have to be lower than 0.2%. They are usually organic and free of pesticides. This way, they can be certified as 100% organic and suitable for vegans.

CBD extracts

CBD extracts are also very popular among users due to their high CBD concentration levels. Just like the flowers, the THC content in these extracts also has to be lower than 0.2%

These concentrates use CBD flowers and the obtained substance is a dry hash pollen; with CBD levels higher than 50% in some cases.

Pure CBD crystals

Pure CBD crystals, as its name indicates, is a maximum CBD extract; with up to 99.5% of CBD in plenty of cases.

These white crystals are at their purest form. Perfect to make creams, oils and other cosmetic or hygiene CBD products, adding lots of benefits to such products.

All of these products are for sale in specialized shops, normally in the cannabis healthcare section. Usually next to gels for tired legs, rejuvenating creams, heat effect cream, body moisturizes, oils and plenty of other products made with Cannabis Sativa derivatives that comply with the European Union current regulations, which provide other benefits that CBD doesn’t offer.

A short while ago, the Berlin subway launched a campaign that said “eat your stress away”; which included edible subway tickets made with CBD oil. This made a clear point about how CBD and other cannabinoids can help reduce stress levels. These actions are an example of how society is changing their point of view regarding Cannabis Sativa use.

cbd candy

Analyzing the cannabis elapse in general and of CBD in particular, one can foresee a market increase of cannabis related products, including those with CBD content.

Plenty of studies are also trying to verify the benefits of CBD properties against multiple conditions. There are already some medicines with cannabinoids; such as Sativex, which is for sale in pharmacies only with a prescription. It is suitable to relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms and other conditions that cause chronic pain.

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With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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