Cannabis fairs are the maximum exponent to promote a more visible cannabis industry that moves towards legalizing marijuana worldwide. Due to the ongoing pandemic since March 2020, these type of events were cancelled to preserve everyone’s health. Currently, normality is coming back due to the world vaccination campaign; which is improving the sanitary emergency. For this reason, Cannafest is coming back in November.

What is Cannafest?

Cannafest is the biggest international cannabis fair in the world and the most important one in Europe. It takes place in Prague and features 18.000 m2 exclusively dedicated to exhibiting the latest cannabis developments regarding fertilizers, seeds, smoking accessories, beauty care, cloth and food. 

It also includes a professional congress where marijuana experts talk and debate about different subjects related to cannabis, such as their methods to expand in the cannabis industry or their self-cultivation experiences.

cannabis fair

Partners and sponsors

Sponsors get a stand to show their products and explain their cannabis vision to anyone interested. By supporting and financing the event, they bring visibility to their own businesses, get new customers, retain the old ones and find collaborators. This fair gives partners and sponsors the chance to show their products in person, which increases clients’ trust and loyalty. 

What can you find?

Cannafest holds more than 200 stands ordered by categories such as:

  • Natural resources
  • Cultivation
  • Seeds
  • Accessories
  • Art
  • Grow shop
  • Institutions
  • CBD
  • Vaporizers
  • Extracts
cannabis exposition

These categories hold different brands and cannabis associations with great knowledge on the sector. All of them willing to advise and share information with the fair visitors.

Cannafest 10th edition took place in 2019, right before the sanitary crisis. It included 294 stands from 27 countries and more than 30.000 visitors. For 2021, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the capacity is reduced, but it is still expected to be a great success. 

If you are interested in the cannabis world or are already part of it as a business or franchise owner, you should go to Cannafest. It will give you the chance to learn about the industry and make contacts. This year, you have an appointment in Prague from the 5th to the 7th of November 2021, with the biggest cannabis fair since Covid-19.

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