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2019 has been a trying yet rewarding year, and we’re here to give you a run-down of some of our most featured products throughout the year. We’re here to make sure that you don’t forget the amazing new additions that we’ve had – maybe you’ll remember that you actually really wanted to get yourself that bong! We add new products to our stores and online store every day, so it can be hard to keep up with all of the new cannabis trends.

Some of these products might not necessarily have been created and manufactured during 2019, but they’re all additions that we’ve had on our online store over the past year. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at our top 2019 cannabis trends!

Cannabis Trends of 2019 – Top 10 Products!

1 – Puffco The peak Vape

Firstly, we absolutely have to tell you about the Puffco the Peak vape rig for extracts – this vaporizer has absolutely blown away consumers all over the world. It’s quite a small device that doesn’t look like it can do much, but trust us – after just one drag from this bad boy you’ll be astonished.

cannabis trends

One of the best parts about this portable e-nail is its inverted design – the “base” part is on the top, which is where the water goes and where the vapor is filtered. This device is incredibly precise and heats up quite fast, allowing you to fully enjoy your extracts. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use – any smoker or vaper can use it straight away, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cannabis consumer.

2 – Award-winning 100% Fem Bulk seeds

This year three of our very own bulk feminized seeds won various awards in competitions that were held in Colombia in 2019 – it’s clear that we’ve managed to create some incredibly high quality seeds this year.

cannabis trends          Cannabis trends          Cannabis trends

The strains that were used were 100% Fem Gelatto, which won first place in the Copa de las Flores in Medellín and second place in the Copa del Rey which was held in Bogota; in both cases it won the sativa category. Another strain that won a prize in a sativa category was 100% Fem Zkittlez, which one third prize in the Copa Farallones. Last, but not least, our 100% Fem Caramel won third place in the indica category in the Copa Farallones, which had two of our strains in the final three!

3 – Clip-on Spinning Fan

I’d say many growers are on my side when I say that, when it comes to fan design, we all need a more efficient design that can be attached to the inside of your grow tent. Most of the fans that are designed for this on the market simply aren’t good enough and some of them can only be attached to the upper bars without risking them accidentally becoming unclipped.


cannabis trends

However, these types of clip-on spinning fans are absolutely perfect for clipping on to the inside of your grow tent structure without having it fall off onto your plants – this has been known to happen and it can crush your plants. That’s why we’ve decided to include these incredibly helpful fans in our 2019 list!

4 – Boveda Humidity Control

How many times have you had a perfect grow from start to finish, an amazing aroma and flavor and even smoke, but then you messed it up when curing the flowers? That’s exactly why we think that Boveda deserves to be on this list, as it’s one of the absolute best ways to recover buds that have dried out too much before curing.

Boveda 58          Boveda 62

Boveda humidity control comes in small sachets that have gel on the inside that help to adjust and maintain the humidity in closed areas such as weed stashes or glass/wooden containers used for conserving cannabis. Thanks to this effect, your cannabis can cure slowly at the right speed without having too little or too much humidity. Boveda sachets come in two humidity percentages; 62% and 58%, and ever since they’ve been around growers all over the world have been using them to cure and store their weed – definitely one of the few cannabis trends that’s here to stay.


5 – Secret Magnet Stash Box

This is quite a simple product, but don’t let its simplicity fool you; this stash box comes with incredibly powerful magnets on the inside, which means that you can attach it to any metal surface you want, including underneath your car.


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These stash boxes are incredibly helpful; everyone has valuables that they want to keep safe and you can’t always hide your valuables under your pillow or in your sock drawer! If you’re planning on going on a long trip any time soon and you want to keep your valuables perfectly safe, you can attach one of these to the bottom of your car – it won’t fall off during the journey! Simply make sure that you’ve attached it to a flat, metallic area.

6 – Hemp Seeds

Industrial hemp plantations are becoming more and more common in Europe, becoming one of the fastest growing cannabis trends around. This year we decided to add hemp seeds to our catalogue so that our customers can start their own legal hemp plantations if they want. We found high quality manufacturers to supply us with their seeds.


We only stock strains that have been authorized for cultivation in Spain, and they’ve been producing amazing results in as far as climate, fiber yield, seeds and oil yield. If you happen to have a large plot of land and want to get a food in the door of the industrial hemp industry, then this is the perfect time. We’re stoked that more and more people are growing hemp, as not only is it a lucrative business, but it’s also incredibly good for the environment. Less pesticides are needed and less land is polluted thanks to the increased amount of hemp plantations.

7 – Purolyt

When growing cannabis indoors, disinfecting your grow room is essential before you start growing, as well as all of your tools, especially if you’ve used them for previous grows, including lights, extractor fans, flowerpots etc. This is why we’ve included Purloyt in our list; it’s one of the best disinfectants on the market!


This product is made using water, salt and electricity – yup, it’s that simple! It efficiently gets rid of various types of fungi, including mildew, powdery mildew, Pythium, salmonella, mildew and others, which makes for the absolute perfect environment for your plants to grow in, You can also spray it on your plants and on your seeds without having any sort of negative effects! It can also be used to disinfect normal areas in your house – you can even use it to wash vegetables!!

8 – Boom Nutrients

This year we’ve had the pleasure of presenting a brand new nutrient brand designed exclusively for cannabis, Boom Nutrients! We helped design and create these products, using all of our collective cannabis growing experience – we can guarantee you that this specific range of nutrients that we’ve designed is perfect for cannabis plants, allowing them to show their full potential.



Boom Nutrients has been quite successful among our customers so far – more than we were expecting, to be quite honest! We’re incredibly proud of our hard work and eternally greatful for our customers support and feedback. That’s why we’ve decided to put Boom Nutrients in this 2019 list, although you can only find this product on As of right now, you can get three potent stimulants, one for each growth period, and two nutritional base products, one for soil (Boom Crecimiento and Boom Floración and another two-part product for coco grows – Soil Coco A + Soil Coco B.

9 – Kwack Rubber Duck Weed Pipe

Of course, this is definitely one of the products that has gotten the most attention this year, the Kwack Duck pipe! Plenty of our customers have gotten their very own Kwack rubber ducky and we haven’t had any complaints yet. And guess what – it actually floats!


The Kwack Rubber Duck Weed Pipe is just like a normal bath time rubber ducky, except it has an internal system that basically imitates a bong! You can use it to smoke weed while also setting it down in the water to float. Make bath time fun again thanks to the Kwack pipe!

10 – Smokus Focus Stash + Levitating Base

Over at Super Smoker they’re constantly surprising us with their innovations and original designs – they’re especially effective when it comes to storing or displaying your cannabis. That’s why the Smokus Focus Stash plus Levitating Base have made their way on to this list.


The Smokus Focus Stash and Levitating Base have been incredibly popular cannabis trends this year and we’re certain that it’s going to stay that way for a while; have you seen the levitating base?! Watching your weed float in a stylistic, modern stash is definitely one of the best ways to display it; it looks like a mini spaceship, and the stash is air-tight, lit up on the inside. It has a magnifying glass on the top so that you can have a closer look at the trichomes on your weed – it’ll look better than ever! If you’re a hardcore cannabis collector & paraphernalia enthusiast, you absolutely can’t miss out on this amazing combination.

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