Cannabis Strains Named After People

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Like it or not, there are many cannabis strains named after people; whether it’s due to their effects, characteristics or a simple tribute to the person in question, people love naming strains after famous people. Today, we’re going to talk about some of those strains.

Cannabis Strains Named After PeopleOne of the most well-known strains that is named after someone has been around quite a while, and if you’re an experienced toker then you probably know exactly who we’re thinking about; Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds. Jack Herer was an American cannabis activist that dedicated most of his life to studying, researching and defending cannabis use, both therapeutically and recreationally, as well as all of the uses it has in many different sectors. In the 90s his friend Ben Dronkers and the entire team at Sensi Seeds selected and crossed seeds to make a unique hybrid in honor of their dear friend Jack. One of the most famous, prized strains in the world was born, and it was appropriately named Jack Herer. Ever since then it is one of the most sold strains all over the world; other banks have also made their own tribute, like Jack Herer by Greenhouse Seeds Co. or Sweet Seeds with their Jack #47. Another tribute that the Dutch bank made was to Ed Rosenthal, a cannabis grower who wrote many books and contributed to the legal growing of medicinal cannabis.

Cannabis Strains Named After PeopleAnother famous strain named after a well-known person is Charlie Sheen, recently involved in a whole lot of scandals. A cannabis dispensary in California gave one of their strains the actor’s name and it soon turned into one of their most sold strains; the actor even asked to try it! Now it’s one of the most sold strains in Denver and California. It’s a mostly indica plant and flowers quite fast, but it has a social and energizing high similar to sativa highs. Even though Charlie Sheen says that he isn’t a regular cannabis consumer, he also gave the green light for this strain after trying it and discovering its 23% THC content.

Cannabis Strains Named After PeopleMarley’s Collie is another tribute to an amazing cannabis activist and musician; Bob Marley. Sensi Seeds made this strain by crossing different Jamaican strains, chosen due to their amazing quality. This tribute to Marley goes a bit further though; the word collie comes from Jamaican slang for good weed, and it’s said that collie comes from Kali, the feminine side of Shiva. According to old Indian beliefs, Kali was sent to the Caribbean alongside cannabis. Now it’s one of the most famous strains when looking for Jamaican strains; smoke this and feel that bit closer to Marley himself.

Cannabis Strains Named After PeopleApparently, naming strains after people has become something of a trend. Over the last few years many seed banks have names strains after famous people; someone even came up with the Justin Bieber, and he actually complained about it as he did not give anyone permission to use his name. There’s also the Chuck Norris, described as an actual kick to the chest by the man himself. The Tom Cruise, a weed that’s supposedly able to make you end up doubled over in laughter for hours. The Dirty Harry, with its strong odors, and the name Bin Laden has also made its way into the world of weed. It’s used as slang for strains that can knock out even the most experienced smokers.