Can you Reuse Soil for Cannabis?

Many growers tend to wonder if they can reuse the soil from their last grow. Well, this really depends where the soil is, involving different processes depending on where the soil is.

If you’re ground outdoors in the ground, which is the best place to grow and where cannabis plants can grow the most, it’s much easier to reuse soil than if you’re using a flowerpot. The soil from flowerpots is essentially useless once it’s been used. When you plant outdoors where you’ve already planted (in the ground) the soil generally recycles itself after a year, although if it’s been less than a year then you’ll need to treat the ground as it won’t have any minerals or nutrients left in it.Can you Reuse Soil for Cannabis?

Plants need more nutrients than the ones we give them with fertilizers, and these nutrients come from the soil and substrate. Once you’ve already grown plants in the ground the soil will be lacking these nutrients, and your future plants won’t grow nearly as nice as the first ones; you’re going to need to artificially enrich the soil again. There’s a product called Mineral Magic by GHE, which is an artificial soil used in hydroponics. This product has all of the salts and minerals that fertile soil has and normal fertilizers don’t, so by using this, your plants will have everything they need to survive even if you don’t fertilize them and just water them. This is done to regenerate the soil, guaranteeing that your plants don’t suffer in infertile soil.

Mineral Magic is easy and simply to apply, you just need to fill a bucket with about 20L of water and empty the 1kg bottle of Mineral Magic in it. Let it sit for 3 days, and then water the area where you’re planning on planting your grow. If possible, spread the waterings out to a few times during the same day. Once the area has tried a little you can transplant your plants to their new but used soil that has been completely enriched with the right nutrients.

You can also use it by spraying it on the plants if you’ve already planted them and they don’t seem to be doing well; it also works as fungi prevention.

You can also sprinkle it on the ground and water the ground afterwards so that it is absorbed properly.

This formula can be used for all kinds of substrates, like the ground or large greenhouses, although it’s difficult to use in pots. When you plant in small containers, like 50L and lower, you should most definitely just use new soil as it’s extremely difficult to do with pots. You can also use these kinds of products to enrich the soil if you’ve been growing in the same pot for a while to avoid deficiencies that can sometimes occur in plants that have been growing for three months.

If you don’t like adding chemicals to the ground then you should definitely renew the soil where you last planted. Just switch up the soil and add some worm hummus. The best product that you can use is Mineral Magic!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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