Boom Nutrients FAQs

Boom Nutrients is a fertilizer brand that hasn’t been on the market for that long, although that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a rapidly growing popular choice among growers. However, many growers have a few questions regarding how to use Boom Nutrients correctly, so we’ve decided to put together a little Boom Nutrients FAQs so that we can answer the questions that have been popping up regarding this brand.

Boom Nutrients faqsBoom Nutrients FAQs

Can I use Roots Boom and Crecimiento Boom at the same time?

Roots Boom and Crecimiento Boom can be used together and apart. In order for the best possible results we recommend using them together. The best way to mix them is to add one to your nutrient solution, mix well, and then add the second to your water, mixing well again. You’ll need to let it sit for a couple of minutes so that the pH stabilizes and the mixture becomes more efficiently absorbed.

Can I use Candy Boom and Super Boom at the same time?

Candy Boom and Super Boom have more or less the same issue as with Roots Boom and Crecimiento Boom. In order to get the best possible results, we recommend using both of these products together. The best way to combine these products is by adding one after another into your water and mixing well after each product. You’ll then need to let the mixture sit for a few minutes so that its pH stabilizes.

When should I start using Boom Nutrients?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Boom Nutrients FAQs, and one of the easiest to answer. Cannabis seeds contain enough nutrients inside to keep them going for about a week, which is why we recommend starting to use Boom Nutrients from the moment that your germinated saplings are about a week old, using half of the recommended dose. If your substrate contains nutrients you should wait 15-20 days to start using Boom Nutrients.

I’m using a different fertilizer brand during the veg stage; can I switch to Boom Nutrients?

In this case, we recommend watering a few times without feeding, making sure that some water is coming out the bottom of your flowerpots. This allows you to wash out some of the nutrients that stick around in the substrate which your plant still hasn’t absorbed. On the other hand, we also recommend using enzymes to help you get rid of backlogged nutrients in your plants’ substrate, keeping an eye on pH levels so that your plants can actually absorb nutrients. Once you’ve done this, you can start using Boom Nutrients efficiently and effectively.

Can you water using fertilizers more than once a week?

You can water twice a week using Boom Nutrients, although in order to do this we recommend keeping a careful eye on pH and EC levels. Plus, you should only use this intense feeding schedule on healthy plants. If your plants don’t react well, we recommend cutting off all nutrients and using just water for a week or two. Once it’s recovered, you can go back to an extremely light feeding schedule in order to avoid a repeat.

When should I start using Floración Boom? (Flowering nutrients)

  • Indoor grows

When it comes to indoor growers, Boom Nutrients products can be used starting the first flowering week, however we highly recommend waiting until week two when growing indica-dominant or pure indica strains. When growing sativa strains or sativa-dominant strains, we recommend starting from the third or fourth flowering week.

  • Outdoor grows

When it comes to growing seasonal plants outdoors, Boom Nutrients’ flowering products should be used from the moment that your plant is continuously spewing out pistils. Plants grown at the start of the season outdoors should begin to flower from the start of July onwards; plants grown a bit later can take until mid-August to begin flowering.

  • Autoflowering plants

When it comes to autoflowering plants, whether they’re indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to keep in mind that these plants don’t flower when light is reduced, rather they begin to flower simply based on age and/or size. This is why you need to keep a careful eye on the plant in order to start using flowering products. We recommend starting to use flowering products as soon as your plants begin to continuously produce pistils; don’t confuse this for when they begin to show their sex.

What do -2 and -1 mean in the feeding chart?

The -2 and -1 markings on your Boom Nutrients feeding chart indicate the veg weeks, with the first growth week (-2) and the second growth week (-1). They’re also differentiated from the growth weeks in that they’re colored in green.

How do I know when to stop using fertilizers at the end of the flowering period?

In order to know when to stop using nutes at the end of the flowering period and start flushing out your plants roots before harvesting, you’ll need to know exactly how many days your plant has been flowering for, keeping extensive notes on the day that it began to flower. With this in mind, you simply need to stop using Boom Nutrients at about 15 days before the seed bank states that your plants’ should finish up flowering.

Do I need to flush after using Boom Nutrients?

Boom Nutrients fertilizers are incredibly high in quality and your plants can absorb them in no time at all, however as is what happens with any other nutrient brand, you’ll need to flush out your plants’ roots at least during the last week before harvesting. We highly recommend flushing the roots for around 10-15 days, regardless of the nutrient brand you’re using, as it improves flavor, effect and it can also help your plants’ buds to absorb every last of nutrient.

Hopefully this post managed to solve some of the questions and issues you’ve been having regarding Boom Nutrients; we’ll update this article periodically with more Boom Nutrients FAQs as more and more questions come in. In the meantime, you can check out some other posts that we’ve written about Boom Nutrients and their amazing fertilizers for cannabis such as the Discover Boom Nutrients and the Boom Nutrients Feeding Schedule

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