Big Boom Promo Campaign

July is here and at we’re still going strong with our monthly promo campaigns so that you, the customer, can try out some of the best products on the market for free and see their results for yourselves! Hurry and participate in our Big Boom promo campaign; Big Boom is a fattening stimulant that increases the weight and heftiness of your flowers, we guarantee it!



From July 1st to 31st 2020, with every purchase over 30€, you’ll get a free 50g Big Boom sample – in any retail store or on our online store. Unlike other promo campaigns, this time we don’t have to depend on a distributor, which means that we have unlimited samples to give out. Every single customer that makes a purchase online or in stores of or over 30€ will get a sample of this amazing fattening product that provides great results.

Big Boom Promo Campaign | What is Big Boom?

Big Boom is a flowering fertilizer designed to fatten up your plants’ flowers, which is why it has such high phosphorus and potassium levels. Its PK content is 52-34, guaranteeing the best possible results and fattening up your buds as much as possible. You should never use this product alongside other fatteners or fertilizers rich in phosphorus and potassium or you may end up causing issues with compatibility in your water tank and even leakage.

How is Big Boom Used?

You’ll need to start using this product towards the second or third flowering week in small doses so that your plants can get used to it. As the weeks go by you’ll need to begin increasing the dose, making sure never to go over 3g per 10L of water. You can use it a maximum of 6 times, once a week, until the 7th flowering week which is when you should use it for the last time. This will give you enough time to make sure that you can flush out your plants’ roots, getting rid of any sort of material or component that may be able to alter the flavor and final quality of your harvest.

Make the most of this amazing promo campaign and get your hands on Big Boom PK 52-34 for free and try it out for yourself! We’re almost certain that you’re going to be astonished by its results, so go ahead and discover this amazing PK strain – you’ll never want to grow without it again! If you would like to find out more about this product you can check out this link.

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