Big Boom – Explode your Buds

Big Boom is one of the strongest PK products on the market and works by absolutely exploding the buds on your favorite plant. Big Boom is a mineral product that contains a 52-34 PK ratio; this high concentration increases cellular division and creates much larger flowers. Due to its strength, this product is incredibly valuable in as far as what you get for what you pay for, and the results are almost instantly visible.

How did Big Boom Get Started

This nutrient was designed by for demanding growers, and a lot of time and effort was put into getting the perfect balance within such a highly concentrated product. After many tries, we found the ideal composition for a wide range of plants, with visible results from the very first dose.

It’s made out of high quality ingredients, allowing for fast and effective absorption, plus it can be used in all kinds of grows, in almost any growing medium and it can be used alongside products by other brands – an additive that every grower should have in their nutrient schedule.

explode your budsBig Boom Growing Advice

One of the best tips for using Big Boom is that you should use it alongside sugars such as Candy Boom so that, apart from filling out size-wise, the actual centers of the buds fill out too and become heftier and more compact. Another handy tip is to make sure that the plants pH is at the right level so that it can absorb all of the nutrients given to it. It should be between 6.5 and 6.8 pH during the last few flowering weeks.

Formats and Sizes:

Big Boom comes in various different formats and sizes so that any grower can make the most of it depending on their needs. It comes in 50g, 250g, 1kg and 5kg containers.

  • Big Boom 50g is a product for small-time growers looking to test out this product. Even though it’s just 50g, you have enough to mix into 250L of water. Keeping in mind that it’s used once a week, you should have enough for about 5-6 grows in a 1x1m grow tent.
  • Big Boom 250g is for slightly more experienced growers that use more product; as you get better at growing, you’ll be able to feed them more without going overboard. The best way to use this product is to add it to your water alongside the rest if your additives such as sugars and then measure the EC levels; increase them using your base nutrient until the EC is at the right amount for your plants. This allows your plants to absorb more minerals and produce more effective and efficient results.


big boom feeding chart


  • Big Boom 5kg is for larger than life, demanding growers that bring their plants to the max and don’t want to miss out on a single gram. In this case, you will absolutely need an EC meter, and you need to be quite precise with your dosage or you may over-feed your plants accidentally. When using this product in expert mode, you’ll be astonished by how healthy and fast your plants will begin to fatten their buds. You’ll need to start from the second flowering week, using 0.5g per 10L of water, increasing the dosage to a maximum of 3g per 10L. When it comes to the case of prolonged use, you can help your plants out using Co2 tablets in your water, which work amazingly alongside Big Boom.

Can I use Big Boom with Other Brands?

Big Boom is generally used alongside all sorts if nutrient brands and feeding schedules, whether they’re in soil using mineral products or even in hydroponics. It’s also perfect for using alongside bio and organic products; however, Big Boom is a mineral product. It doesn’t alter flavor and still allows for large yields.

This product gives your plants enough phosphorus and potassium to fatten up its flowers and size, increasing the amount of cannabinoids and resin produced by the plant. This is why using sugars from the start of the flowering period is incredibly important, as these sugars are when Big Boom uses to feed and create compact, resinous flowers.

How to Adapt Big Boom to your Growing Schedule

Big Boom is an additive for during the fattening period, and you should begin adding it from halfway through the flowering period until the end of the flowering period. Depending on the strain that you’re growing, you can change how you use this product. For example, for autoflowering plants that take just a month to flower you’ll need to start using it earlier, as 4 weeks is much too long to wait and it will have flowered already. For seasonal plants that can take up to 14 weeks to flower, it makes no sense to start using Big Boom after the second flowering week as you’ll end up using it for another 8 weeks. Have a look at these guidelines:

  • 60 day Autoflowering: You’ll need to use it twice, the first time at around day 14 of flowering and the second at around day 21; then, just use water until the end. For 70 day autoflowering plants (and higher) you can use it a third time on day 28 of bloom and then use just water. This may seem like a little but trust us, it’s enough to see a clear difference.
  • Short flowering strains: in this particular case, especially when growing indoors, we recommend following the feeding schedule in the chart as closely as possible, as it’s specifically for fast indoor grows.
  • Long flowering strains: strains that take 10+ weeks to flower are slightly different; you’ll need to double the 4th and 5th weeks in the schedule so that your plants have enough doses to keep them going through such a long flowering period.

Important: don’t forget to flush your plants’ roots. Plants need time to absorb all of the nutrients leftover in the substrate and leaves before harvesting, which allows you to enjoy natural non-modified flavors without missing a thing. We highly recommend watering using just water after the last dose of Big Boom.

Big Boom and Explode your Buds!

Big Boom is a product that will absolutely explode your cannabis buds, covering them with a thick, sticky layer of aromatic resin that will full your jars and containers with sticky, thick, hefty buds with intense flavors and aromas. Growers that try this product once never go back to growing without it!

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