The Best of Sensi Seeds

Today we’re going to talk about the best of Sensi Seeds; this amazing seed bank has been on the market for over 30 years now, providing us with the best genetic hybrids of cannabis from around the entire world, so that you can have your very own plants at home.

Ever since I started planting, Sensi Seeds has been my go to bank for me and many other growers, as well as commercial growers. Sensi has strains for all sorts of people and all sorts of specific needs. If you want quick, high yielding indoor plants or long-flowering giant outdoor Sativas, Sensi Seeds is the place for you. If you’re looking for plants that don’t require too much effort for a guerrilla grow, they have those too.

With Sensi Seeds and their cannabis seeds you are guaranteed amazing results and top quality seeds that have been stabilized over years by an amazing team.

They have so many strains that differ in flavor, size, flowering times, effect, care, for indoors, for outdoors… the list goes on and on. We’re going to give you a list of our personal favorite seeds from Sensi Seeds that have never let us down. First, let’s talk about seeds for indoor grows:

Sensi Seeds for Indoor Grows:

Big Bud:The Best of Sensi Seeds

This plant has a sweet taste and flowers quite quickly, producing quite a heavy yield of top quality cannabis under grow lamps. This plant feeds on quite a lot of nutrients and it LOVES water, so you’ll need to take proper care of this precious plant as it drinks its water up quite quickly. If you take proper care of this strain then you can easily get 500g per square meter, so this could be the perfect strain for you. As well as having a nice yield, clones from this strain root rather well, so maybe you could even grow yourself a Big Bud mother plant. It has a very sweet flavor, kind of like tropical Haribo, and it grows out extremely compact buds that are very heavy; perfect for commercial growers or those that simply consume a lot. It takes around 65 days to flower indoors after flipping the lights; one of the fastest strains in Sensi’s seed catalogue.

The Best of Sensi SeedsSkunk #1:

This is a cannabis strain that has been planted time and time again in indoor grows all over the world due to the fact that it doesn’t really need that much tending to in order to grow to the max and give maximum yield. If you’re a beginner you can pick Skunk #1 for your first indoor grow and we guarantee that you’ll get a decent yield. It grows nicely and doesn’t shoot up too much when you flip the lighting, making it perfect for indoor grows. Its buds are dense and hard like rocks once they’re dry, and it has abundant resin all over the buds, leaves and even on the trunk and stems. You can get some amazing hash or BHO extracts with the leftover trimmings from this plant. It takes just 60 days to flower after flipping the light period, and it has a dense smoke and a relaxing effect.

Northern Lights:The Best of Sensi Seeds

Northern Lights is a cannabis plant that likes growing out wide and tall, making it the perfect strain for a SCRoG system; you can make the most out of its lateral growth. If you just let it grow as usual it won’t flower as well as it would in SCRoG and you’ll lose quite a lot of yield; this strain would be perfect for outdoor grows if it weren’t for the fact that it has an extremely low fungi and rot resistance. When grown under indoor grow lights you’ll see how it starts flowering early and before you know it it’ll have dense, resinous flowers. If you manage to wait it out until its last days, the yield will increase; this means that it will look ready at 50 days but we highly recommend leaving it for 60. You’ll end up with an earthy tasting bud, kind of like Skunk, with some enormous buds worth of Big Bud; this strain is kind of like a combination of the two previous strains. This has a very relaxing and narcotic effect, so keep in mind that you’ll need to take it slow with this strain. You’ll be able to make some good hash from the leftover trimmings.

The Best of Sensi SeedsCalifornia Indica:

This is one of the best seeds that you can plant indoors due to its high yield of citrus buds that are absolutely covered in resin (which is a recurring theme in Sensi Seed’s catalogue). It should be ready for harvest about 55 days after switching the light period, with its large central cola and long side branches. If you train the plants with wires and stakes you can get branches as thick as the main cola, or at least more productive than the plants you’re used to growing. The flowers have a slight orange tinge to it, which are a precursor to how tropical the taste is going to be. The buds from this strain are a bit hard to grind up in your grinder, sticky and hard, but definitely worth it. A peculiar thing about this plant is how easy it is to trim as it hardly has any leaves.




Sensi Seeds for Outdoor Grows:

The Best of Sensi SeedsEarly Skunk:

This is a Skunk strain that is more than ready to be planted outdoors; it works well in cold climates although it absolutely thrives in sunny and warm climates; if you live here in Spain, you’ll end up with some proper cannabis trees in your garden. The buds grow up and down the branches in long colas and you’ll need to train the branches with stakes or wires to make sure they can put up with the weight of the buds. If it tends to rain in your area around October then you should probably grow somewhere that you can cover your plants with plastic, or even a greenhouse for those last few precious weeks; this well help avoid the rotting of any buds due to how thick, dense and resinous they are. This strain is quite resistant to oidium, although if you use some preventive measures then you’ll have a healthy, amazing yield. It has a similar flavor to Cream Caramel or Melon Gum. This is one of my favorite outdoor strains as with just one or two you’ll have enough yield to keep you going for a while. It has an energizing effect, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for a few hours.

The Best of Sensi SeedsMexican Sativa:

This is the first strain that I ever tried, probably around 20 years ago, my cousin gave me a bud to try and I didn’t even know how to smoke it, but my life-long adventure with cannabis was born that day, with Mexican Sativa by Sensi Seeds. This strain doesn’t get you super stoned like most hash tends to do; it’s the typical kind of weed that will give you laughing fits for no reason, allowing you to live in the moment. Its quite early for a Sativa, ready towards the end of September; if you live somewhere with good weather then it might be ready by the beginning of October. It has a similar flavor to AK 47, Moby Dick or Pineapple Chunk.

The Best of Sensi SeedsEarly Girl:

This plant is perfect for all kinds of growers; it’s extremely easy to grow for beginners due to its short flowering period, and this short period is also perfect for those that live in humid climates meaning that the buds won’t be exposed to humidity for as long. It’s also the perfect strain for those looking for energizing and active effects from their weed due to being a pure Sativa. It has a short structure, which basically consists of a central cola of buds that has over half of the yield and a few lateral branches that have a few buds on them; it’s very discreet for growers that aren’t looking to call any attention to themselves as it’s easily camouflaged outdoors. If you want it to grow bigger you can plant it in a greenhouse in the winter, and use lights so that it keeps growing; once spring comes around you can take the lights away and let it grow and flower naturally. This will create a gigantic Early Girl that can give up to a kilo of yield. If planted in a decent climate you’ll see the absolute best of Early Girl. This plant seems to attract insects more than other plants, so you’ll need to take preventive measures against those pesky insects and fungi. If you protect this plant properly you’re guaranteed an amazing harvest.

The Best of Sensi SeedsGuerilla’s Gusto:

This strain is a hybrid that is indica-dominant that has been crossed with many strains that are resistant to pests and fungi, making it perfect for guerrilla growing. It’s super easy to grow as it doesn’t need a lot of taking care of; the secret is its vigorous growth right at the start of its cycle, insuring that insects can’t get their paws on it. One time for flowering comes around, this precious plant gets it over and done with in no time, avoiding those annoying end of summer rains. This plant isn’t delicate at all; if you grow it out in the wild near a trustworthy source of water then all you’ll have to do is go collect your harvest around mid-September. We recommend growing it out a bit at home to make absolutely sure that a bird isn’t just going to drop by and pick it apart. Once it’s grown a bit, transplant it to your chosen spot with a nice substrate and some sunshine.

Sensi Seeds has many strains that are perfect for all kinds of growers, from the most Indica-like strains to the most Sativa strains, from faster to slower growing strains, sweet strains, citrus strains, tall strains, small strains; you can find anything you need. Go have a look at Sensi Seeds seed catalogue on our page!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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