Nettles are quite often considered as an annoying plant that causes skin itchiness and irritation. Some growers even believe that it can compromise cannabis yields, but this is far from true. As the saying goes “ every cloud has a silver lining”, and in this case, nettle’s hive properties can be a great ally. This article is going to address the benefits of nettle slurry in marijuana grows.

What is Nettle Slurry?

Nettle slurry is a stimulant and fortifying extract that improves plants growth by increasing their natural defenses. It’s 100% organic and works fantastically well at preventing the proliferation of different types of fungi or insect plagues. Its high content in macro and micro essential elements, such as iron, can also correct nutritional deficiencies like the one caused by ferric chlorosis. 

nettle slurry

Regarding the nettle plant itself, it is also known as Urtica Dioica and shares some similarities with cannabis, as it also generates trichomes. However, in the case of nettles, they are filled with an irritating agent made of formic acid, histamine and resin, among others. This is the reason why it causes itchiness, hives and irritation when in contact with the skin.


Nettle slurry can be considered as a very efficient remedy for indoor and outdoor grows, perfect for organic agriculture. Now we are going to explain its benefits and uses over marijuana plants.

  • Plague phyto-protector: No doubt, the main mission of this nettle product is to prevent and repel possible fungi and insect infestations; which cause a great amount of stress to cannabis grows. This slurry is incredibly efficient against aphids, mites, white flies and red spiders. It also protects plants from mildew, botrytis, oidium or rust, among others. Its formic acid content produces antiseptic properties that combat multiple bacteria that could otherwise affect plants. 
  • Improves cannabis plants health: Nettle slurry is also an effective organic fertilizer. Its composition includes iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, silica, amino acids and vitamins A, B1, B5, C, D, E and K. Which is perfect to correct nutritional deficiencies, improve chlorophyll production and stimulate substrate’s microbial activity.
benefits of nettle slurry
  • Boosts growth and stimulates flowering: Its content in hormones and other previously mentioned elements promotes seed germination, a consistent development of roots, stems and leaves. It also improves flowering and enhances flavors and aromas. The presence of organic acids and mineral salts speeds up the growth process and benefits photosynthesis. It’s also useful as a compost activator as it increases organic decomposition.
  • Nettles, great marijuana protector: Aside from nettle slurry, the nettle plant itself is the perfect partner for cannabis outdoor grows. First of all, it attracts beneficial insects such as ladybirds, which are great to fight spiders and mites and it increases the production of trichomes and terpenes by dispersing its pollen over adjoining plants.

Buy Nettle Slurry in GB The Green Brand

Acknowledging how important it is to provide marijuana grows with protective and preventive measures, GB The Green Brand’s catalogue of fertilizers and phyto-protectors feature a wide range of products that include nettle slurry. You can find Urtifer Liquid Nettle by Trabe, perfect to minimize the impact of fungi plagues. Apply on the foliage, first by spraying the back of the leaves and starting by the bottom of the plant. The recommended dose is 15 ml per liter of water. 

Trabe fertilizers with nettle slurry are also available and a great remedy against oidium, botrytis and fungi, among others. In this case, the recommended dosage for Urtifer Nettle Powder is 3 g per litre of water. Spray onto the foliage or add to the irrigation system. 

benefits of nettle slurry

Nettle slurry is an amazing bio-stimulant. It improves plants growth by strengthening them and correcting possible nutritional deficiencies. An excellent repellent that will protect cannabis grows from fungi, insects and bacteria. Once you see by yourself the benefits of nettle slurry, it will become an essential additive in your marijuana grows. 

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