B.A.C (Biological Activated Cocktail) products are made in Holland out of top quality elements, rewarding growers with top quality, highly concentrated products. This brand is extremely well known thanks to its stimulant range, and you generally only need 1ml per 10L of water. Apart from stimulants, they also offer highly concentrated fertilizers. You’ll only need to use around 1-3ml per liter of water, and it’s recommended to measure EC levels while using these products to avoid root blockages.BAC Products

The name itself already says a lot; many of their products are completely natural made from fermented vegetal material and can be used with any kind of grow. Organic Grow and Organic Bloom are a sort of “vegan” diet for your plants, allowing them to grow with vigor without influencing the flavor. Organic Grow has 8-3-3 NPK, and its balance between phosphorus and potassium allows for a complete nutrition of the plants.  Although you might doubt the 3-3 PK level for the veg period, there is more than enough P for plants to correctly perform photosynthesis.

The “P” is used in all of the processes that involve an energy change in the plant, and it allows photosynthesis and other energy related activities to ocurr in the plant’s metabolism. “K” is considered the second most important macro-element after Nitrogen; in Organic Bloom there’s a 6-5-6 NPK, meaning that N and K (nitrogen and potassium) have the same concentration, allowing plants to flower abundantly with extremely fat buds, although your plants will need a more thorough root flushing due to the high nitrogen level. Potassium is responsible for avoiding any sort of water-related stress in your plants, which is extremely handy if you’re growing somewhere with high temperatures.BAC Products

When it comes to their organic products, they all have Yucca extract (a surfactant) which increases the absorption rate of nutrients and water in the soil. Yucca plants have an extreme resistance to drought and poorly fertilized soils, and it seems that the extract from this marvelous plant also works when used on other plants to feed them.

The effects of all of these products can be increased by using an Organic PK Booster, a PK component that is as close to organic as it can be. Its NPK composition is 4-2-8, extremely similar to proportions found in nature, and just like BAC products it’s highly concentrated and you only need 1-3ml per liter of water. Apart from fattening the buds, it will also stimulate production thanks to a low presence of sugars and vinasse, a product that contains 40% potassium (K2O) and traces of nitrogen that are easily absorbable for the plant, as well as having sulfur dioxide. This last element can be toxic if used in excess, provoking necrosis on the plants and alterations in sugar content.BAC Products

BAC products also offers mineral products used for different kinds of grows, as in drip irrigation system, hydroponics, coco coir or grows where plants need to absorb nutrients as quick as possibly. For those that love growing in soil and mineral fertilizer ranges, BAC also has a 1 Component Grow product for the veg period with an extremely highly concentrated NPK of 17-11-24. Its use isn’t specified in parts per liter, all that’s recommended is a pH of 6.0 and an EC between 1.6 and 2.4. The fertilizer for flowering is called 1 Component Bloom and has an NPK of 16-21-30. Just like its brother, 1 Component Grow, this product is extremely concentrated so you’ll need to keep up with the EC levels to avoid any nasty surprises when growing. These nutrients can be complemented with the F1 Extreme Booster, a mineral bud fattener for the flowering period with a PK of 13/19. In coco coir and hydroponics you can find two other fertilizers, the A+B range, that are used in equal proportions until the end of the grow.

BAC has a complete and wide range of products that will suit absolutely any grower, and in this article we’ve only talked about their base fertilizers. Next, we’re going to talk about all the different stimulants that BAC has to offer; specific products for auto plants, prevention products for infestations and fungi etc. BAC covers the entire growing process in 360º, bringing us the best of the absolute best.BAC Products

Author: Fabio Inga
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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