Beneficial Bacteria for Cannabis

When growing cannabis, regardless of the medium and environment, you should always do the most to ensure that your plants are getting what they need. That’s why we’re going to talk about beneficial bacteria for cannabis, as well as different types of fungi that you can use with your cannabis […]

The Importance of Indoor Grow Fans

  Fans are an incredibly important parts of growing cannabis indoors, as they help to distribute all of the fresh air coming in through your air filtration system, while stopping any pockets of stagnant air from forming. In this post we’re going to give you a simple rundown of why […]

How to Hide the Smell of Growing Weed Indoors

When growing cannabis indoors it can seem like a losing battle when it comes to hiding the smell. Cannabis plants let off intensely pungent aromas when flowering, and these aromas can filter out and end up stinking up your entire building; in some cases it may even end up sticking […]

Vegetable Pot Pie – Emphasis on the Pot!

At we love coming up with quirky recipes with a hint of cannabis to them! Today we’re going to have a look at a dish that doesn’t take much to make at all; Vegetable Pot Pie, and by pot we mean weed! This dish is incredibly easy to make […]

Carbon Filters for Grow Rooms Explained

The use of carbon filters in cannabis growing is a relatively new practice, especially here in Spain. I still remember going over to my friends’ place and finding out they didn’t have carbon filters in their grow tent – their entire neighborhood would stink. Thinking back on it, it was […]

promocion green house feeding

Green House Feeding Promo Campaign

To finish off January, we’ve prepared a special collaboration with one of the most renowned seed banks and cannabis nutrient manufacturers in the world; Green House Seeds and their very own nutrient brand, Green House Feeding. From January 16th to 31st you can get your very own free 10g sample […]

intractor de aire indoor, intractor en linea.

Do I need an Intake Fan for my Grow Tent?

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, air intake fans are usually what many growers tend to leave out of the equation, as you can usually do just fine with passive ventilation and many growers are left wondering, do I really need an intake fan for my grow tent? However, […]

Fusarium Fungi and Cannabis Plants

Here at we like to keep our customers and growers informed and up to date with all of the latest information regarding plant, seed and clone care. Today we’re going to talk about fusarium fungi and cannabis plants – this deadly fungi can devastate your entire crop within a […]


Lunar Calendar 2019 | Cannabis and the Moon

Today we’re going to explain how to use a lunar calendar; these calendars are based on lunar phases, which is the oldest calendar method used by humanity that we know of. Lunar calendars have found that date back to over 8000 years ago; there’s no way for us to know exactly […]

Rosca De Reyes Recipe with Cannabis

It’s officially January and it’s almost the end of another wonderful holiday season, although in some areas of the world there’s still another holiday on the horizon; Three Kings Day. On this day, in many countries such as Spain, they celebrate with a special cake called a Rosca de Reyes, […]

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