Growing Weed in an Apartment – Balconies

Spring time has finally come around which usually means good weather, depending on where you live, and growing weed in an apartment on your balcony or roof is a great way for medicinal and recreational consumers to grow their own affordable crop. In this post we’re going to show you […]

Growing Weed Outdoors – The Basics

Here are some basic steps to get an abundant, healthy, harvest, with some help from the sun and a few extra things. Growing weed outdoors can be a task; if you plant it with just soil, water and sun, you’ll get something similar to cannabis but it won’t be the […]

What Does 420 Mean? Weed Day

Pretty much everyone that has consumed cannabis has seen the number 420 referenced all over the place; lighters, grinders, rolling trays etc. It’s quite a common number to find in the cannabis scene, but what does 420 mean? 420 is a number that’s used constantly to reference cannabis, and once […]

Cooking with Marijuana | Tips and Tricks

Cooking is already quite a fun activity and can be a great way to relieve stress or anxiety; you can cook with friends or on your own, and one of the best parts is trying the end result. Cooking with marijuana is even more fun, and it can be done […]

Marijuana Grow Books for Reading During Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic is still taking the world by storm, affecting more people and countries, causing one of the largest quarantines in history. In many countries and states around the world, people are taking it upon themselves; staying home and self isolating in order to help win this ongoing battle. […]

Ozone as a Disinfectant – Fighting the Coronavirus

The world is going through some uncertain, trying times; most of us have access to the internet and the news that keeps popping up every day. We’re clearly talking about the current coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID19, which is currently affecting the entire world. Spain is currently set as […]

The Best Outdoor Strains for 2020

This post is all about the best cannabis strains for outdoors; it’s a selection of strains that we’ve tried and tested outdoors so that you can narrow down your search for the perfect plant without getting a random strain that might not be best for outdoor settings. Outdoor season is […]

The difference between Sunrocks and Moonrocks

Sunrock VS Moonrock: something that has been making the rounds on social media recently is a trend involving manipulating buds using certain procedures that can multiply their THC levels immensely. These characteristic buds are called Moon Rocks, and they began being sold at many cannabis dispensaries across the US. Recently, […]

How to Make High Quality BHO Shatter

Learn how to make high quality BHO shatter, a highly concentrated cannabinoid extract that you can vape using a BHO pipe, a portable vape or even by making it into a thin strong and wrapping it around your joint. Regardless of how you decide to consume it, you’ll first need […]

How to Make Canna Biscuits

One of the most classic, old school pot recipes are canna biscuits! They’re incredibly easy to make, which is why they’re so popular; you don’t need to know much about cooking to make them, and you just need 6 simple ingredients that you might have lying about anyway, and some […]

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