Alternative Ways to Consume Cannabis

Nowadays many people that have never smoked cannabis before are aware of its medicinal benefits and properties. This pushes big companies to come up with medicinal cannabis in different formats so that people that have never smoked and don’t want to start can also reap the benefits from this amazing plant.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in small doses in marijuana plants and it has a large amount of medicinal properties. Unlike THC, CBD has purely relaxing effects and no psychoactive ones, making it legal in many countries like Spain. Thanks to this, you can find hundreds of CBD products like creams or oils.

Alternative Ways to Consume CannabisYou can find liquid CBD extractions in a Spray format for under your tongue and also in a dropper format, adapting to the needs of any customer. With these products you can stimulate appetite, induce sleep and relax when extremely stressed out. The great thing about these products is that they fit in your pocket and they are completely legal, so in no circumstances can the police take it from you.

CBD paste is similar to the liquids, although its effects are slightly faster and longer lasting. All you have to do is dab a bit under your tongue and get ready for a nice relaxing effect.Alternative Ways to Consume Cannabis

Alternative Ways to Consume CannabisCBD creams are amazing when used to treat all sorts of muscle and bone pains; after just a few minutes you’ll notice a strong relaxing sensation in your muscles and bones where you’ve applied the cream. CBD has many beneficial effects on your skin; it can work as a hydrator, a pain killer and a regenerator. There are even CBD creams made specifically for massages, for day to day use, and even an ointment that you can use for cuts, bruises and burns.

You can also get pills rich in CBD that are designed for more severe issues and illnesses that are hard to live with like Alternative Ways to Consume CannabisGlaucoma or neurodegenerative illnesses. It’s also a good method used to combat tumorous cancers, separating cancer cells and making sure that they can’t reproduce. It can also be used to treat illnesses like epilepsy, Tourette’s syndrome and schizophrenia.

Alternative Ways to Consume CannabisCBD infusions are a quick and easy way to ease pain or entice drowsiness. With a nice cup of CBD tea you’ll get a relaxing, long-lasting effect. They’re perfect for treating insomnia due to the fact that apart from CBD, they tend to contain other relaxing herbs like valerian or lavender.

Vaporizers are also highly valued tools for medicinal cannabis use due to being entirely vapor, nothing like smoke that actual smokers are used to. Some people say that this is ridiculous and that vapor affects the lungs in the exact same way that smoke does, when in fact breathing in vapor from a vaporizer is the same as being in a sauna or a Turkish bath; the vapor will open and clean your lungs, without leaving any traces of toxic substances. Some vaporizers have a quick heavy vapor although the vapor will never be as dense as actual smoke. Sometimes smokers aren’t satisfied with the thickness of the vapor that comes out of many vaporizers, which is why we recommend them for medicinal uses rather than recreational uses.Alternative Ways to Consume Cannabis

Another easy way to get the most out of marijuana’s medicinal properties is by ingesting it directly through food. The effect will take longer to appear but trust us when we say that it’s much more intense and long-lasting, capable of alleviating pain for an entire day.

So basically, we have a whole lot of different ways to experience cannabis’s medicinal properties without smoking it and without harming our body. We hope this article can help you or your friends to find the best way to consume without smoking, or even just alternative ways to get the most out of the hundreds of benefits and properties these amazing plants have.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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