8 movies for stoners

Is there anything better than hanging out with your friends or partner, smoking a couple of joints and watching a funny movie? Comedy movies are one of the best things to watch when you’ve smoked, because you’re so relaxed that you can’t help but laughing. Today we’re going to talk about movies for stoners, and if you haven’t seen them you’re in for a hilarious treat.

List of movies for stoners

How High8 movies for stoners

All you have to know is that the main characters are Redman and Method Man, and you already know that it’s an amazing movie. This is an absolutely amazing movie for when you’re stoned; the main characters meet each other while smoking a joint before a University entrance exam. Jamal is an experienced grower that sells his product to medicinal users and he wants to study and become a professional; Silas is a stoner that is doing the exam because his mum’s making him. After a strange story, both of them end up studying in Harvard in what ends up being one of the most amazing stoner movies in the history of stoner movies.

Borat8 movies for stoners

Sacha Baron Cohen became famous for playing the role of Ali G, a stoner rapper, and he revolutionized parody-style movies. When he did Borat he revolutionized the entire world with this new style of movie based on hidden cameras. Borat is a stupid, sexist reporter from Kazajistan that decides to travel to the US to find out information on the American life-style. During the movie Sacha performs for many hidden cameras and you’ll be in tears of laughter by the end.

Bad Grandpa8 movies for stoners

Who hasn’t heard of Johnny Knoxville and his amazing antics in Jackass? In the last few movies, Knoxville would dress up as an old man to play pranks on people. He decided to make an entire movie about his old man character, Irving Zismann. Irving goes on a trip with his grandson, many of the scenes are done with hidden cameras and you will absolutely die laughing at people’s reactions.

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas8 movies for stoners

This movie isn’t specially meant for stoners, but if you smoke before you watch it you’re guaranteed to laugh a whole damn lot. The story happens at the start of the 70s when designer drugs invaded the US. Johnny Depp plays a reporter that goes to Las Vegas and has one of the most spectacular trips of his life.

Don’t be a Menace to South Central while Drinking your Juice in the Hood

8 movies for stoners

This movie is meant to be a parody of other “hood” movies, and it tells the story of a certain neighborhood. The main character is called Ashtray, an educated young man who went to his father’s “ghetto” to live where he meets his cousin Loc Dog and the rest of the gang. Ashtray falls in love with the neighborhood’s gangster’s girlfriend, which causes him some problems that his cousin helps him out with. This is one of the craziest movies in cinema, perfect for those that love absurd humor.

Cheech and Chong8 movies for stoners

The humor in this movie might be a bit outdated and its impossible to watch in HD like modern movies, but this wouldn’t be a list of movies for stoners if we didn’t include the founding fathers of stoner movies. Richard “Cheech” Martin and Tommy Chong are a comedy duo that was popular in the 70s and in 1978 they released their first movie. The movie was so popular that they ended up releasing 10 movies in which they played two super stoned hippies that had a series of crazy adventures.

Scary Movie8 movies for stoners

This movie is the precursor to a long saga with some amazingly hilarious moments, although the first movie is definitely the best. The movies are a collection of parodies from actual scary movies. Each movie takes examples from a series of different scary movies and combines them all.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

8 movies for stoners

Harold and Kumar are known world-wide for their crazy adventures. These guys have the worst luck ever; all they want to do is smoke in peace but each story always ends up getting super crazy.

Now you have a list of movies to watch while smoking a couple of joints and laugh your heart out. There are a whole lot more movies like these that we’ll talk about in another article; today we talked about classic movies that most of you have probably already seen and you most likely agree that they deserve their own spot on our blog. If you haven’t seen any of these movies we strongly recommend that you watch them. Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you think!

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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