Tips for Cooking With Cannabis

There are an amazing amount of recipes that you can made with the help of some cannabis, but many people tend to have a few issues when it comes to doing this; How much cannabis should I use? How long does the effect take? These kinds of questions are completely natural when you’re just starting out cooking with cannabis, so today we’re going to give you some top tips for cooking with cannabis to make it as easy and simple a process as possible.

Tips for Cooking With CannabisHow to make the most out of your gear:

Firstly, it’s important to know that for THC to have any sort of effect in food, it needs to be mixed with some sort of fatty element and heated up; you can use oil, butter, cream etc. This is because cannabis can release the most of its THC into fatty materials, which can absorb up to 80% of the total THC. However, if mixed with water you wouldn’t get over 40% THC out of the buds. This is why you need to mix it with sauces made with milk, cheese, butter etc. For example, in a carbonara sauce, or if it’s for a sweet recipe you can heat it up with milk, cream or butter.

Also, it’s extremely important to keep in mind that the temperature should never go over 160º or many of the cannabinoids will be lost, making for a pretty useless effect.

Tips for Cooking With CannabisHow much to use:

The usual amount is about half a gram per person, although this also depends on the quality of the weed. If it’s extremely potent then you can use a little less. If you’re using cannabutter then you should use less quantity than if you were using normal butter, and make sure to be careful with how much you eat afterwards!

When does it start taking effect?:

When cannabis is ingested through food or drink it takes much longer to take any effect than when you smoke it or vaporize it, which is why it’s of extreme importance to stay patient and wait for at least an hour for the effect to take place. It generally takes an hour to start, but it might take longer depending on the weight and metabolism of the person that consumed it. Make sure that you do NOT eat too much because you might end up seriously ill if you’re not patient enough to wait for the effect to kick in.

Tips for Cooking With CannabisOther interesting tips:

Use cannabis to prepare delicious recipes and surprise your guests. It’s extremely fun to share food made with cannabis with friends and family to have a good time, but make sure that everyone knows what’s going on, as it’s extremely immoral to allow someone to consume cannabis without knowing, and even worse if it’s an edible and the person doesn’t know that there’s a certain portion limit to follow. Try and make delicious meals so that apart from enjoying the effect of cannabis, you can enjoy the taste as well. Also, you should generally mix cannabis with main dishes (pasta, rice, pizza…) and desserts (muffins, cakes, milkshakes…). One of the nicest cannabis dessert recipes are cannabis brownies, sometimes known as space cakes.

Remember, do not consume more than the recommended dosage; this can cause nausea and sometimes extreme panic, so eat slowly and make sure to be on top of portion control.

Author: Ana Ibáñez
Translation: Ciara Murphy