The cannabis industry has evolved a lot over the past three decades. These changes include new cultivation methods, the boom for autoflowering strains and the cannabis expansion in the last few years. This process involves obtaining easy to grow cannabis strains that produce great quality yields and promote a safe and sustainable self-cultivation. 

Choosing the right strain before starting a grow is a careful task that requires time and planning. Each marijuana seed features different properties, growing-flowering styles and concrete nutrient needs. For this reason, rookie growers opt for easy to grow plants that don’t require specific care. This way they obtain larger yields, get to choose their favorite flavors and aromas and find the easiest cultivation methods. 

10 Very Easy to Grow Cannabis Strains

Blue Cheese CBD

This GB Strains cultivar was created by performing a historical cross: Blueberry Cheese Cake F2 and OG Kush CBD. The perfect choice for CBD lovers as it has more than 15% of CBD content and less than 0.3 of THC. It provides a relaxing and bearable effect, perfect to finish the day off. It has inherited a clear cheese and berries scent from its parents.

Perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows, vigorous and healthy, with orange tips. Very resistant to plagues, it can yield up to 500 g with ease. A great quality and powerful indica.

blue cheese cbd

Gorilla Girl Fast Version F1

A great Sweet Seeds strain. A Gorilla Girl version with a faster flowering period but similar yielding capacities. This strain avoids the rains of the fall by being ready for harvest sooner. Its sweet flavors have improved from the previous version and it produces active effects thanks to its 25 % of THC. A fantastic option for extracts.

Its sativa dominance means that this healthy plant can grow up to 2.5 m, with a strong central stem full of branches. Does well with fertilizers and it’s ready for harvest roughly 50 days after flowering.

easy to grow cannabis strains

Delicious Cookies

An amazing Delicious Seeds cultivar  that combines mythical strains: Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, 707 Headband and Death Star. This hybrid was created to stabilize a seed that gathers all the properties of these historical strains. Impressive effects (24% of THC), sweet, spiced and earthy flavors with a great yielding capacity.

This easy to grow cannabis strain has a 65 days flowering period and adapts very well to reduced spaces. A larger than usual indica dominant cultivar that features a hybrid look. It doesn’t require any specific care, just a stable temperature and a good quality fertilizer. It produces abundant yields indoors and outdoors.

delicious cookies

Dos y Glue

This GB Strains feminized cultivar features very high THC levels that range between 25-30%. A well-balanced and vigorous strain that comes from crossing GG#4 x 2y2. It stands out for its strong and airy structure with plenty of lateral branches. Irresistible fruity flavors with earthy touches and very easy to care for.

Grown outdoors using organic fertilizers and receiving tons of sunlight, it can easily exceed 2 m of height and yield more than 600 g per plant. However, this strain develops faster indoors. Initially it might seem as if it isn’t growing too much, but it can double its size during the flowering period.

easy to grow cannabis strains

Deep Candy

Deep Candy by Green House Seeds is a very easy to grow strain that gets very tall. It features interesting CBD levels (13%) and quite low THC (<0.5%) with buds full of aromatic resin. If you wait until the first low temperatures of fall, the flowers can acquire reddish and purple colors. With extremely sugary flavors and aromas.

This strain produces large yields indoors and outdoors with just basic care. An odor filter is highly recommended as this strain exceeds aromatic expectations. It grows remarkably dense, tasty and compact buds covered in resin.

deep candy

Auto Unicorn Poop

Auto Unicorn Poop by GB strains was created by crossing Auto GMO Cookies and Forum Stomper, two great quality cultivars. Its high THC levels (25%) plus its indica dominance produce an intense cerebral high that soon turns into an intense sense of relaxation. Very spicy scent with fruity tinges and after-eight touches.

This strain does very well without excessive care. It adapts very well to the available space and grows mild in all mediums. The final results will be ready in approximately 70 days, providing a great quality yield.

easy to grow cannabis strains

Red Pure Auto CBD

This Sweet Seeds autoflowering strain is highly acclaimed. Its indica structure and reduced size make it suitable for any corner. It has 17% of CBD and nearly nil THC levels. Created by crossing Sweet Pure CBD x Red Poison Auto, Red Pure Auto CBD features sweet and fruity flavors with pungent earthy touches.

For best results, use organic fertilizers that respect the properties of the plant. This seed doesn’t need too much care; a minimum of light and a big pot are enough for it to develop fully. Outdoors, its medicinal effects get boosted thanks to sunlight.

red pure auto cbd

Mr. Mango Crack

This high quality Mr.Hide seed is very easy to grow. It comes from crossing Green Crack and Big Bud, and the result is the perfect hybrid for rookie growers that want to start growing. Its citrus, sweet and earthy aromas with a slight skunk touch won’t leave you indifferent. It produces long-lasting effects on a physical and a mental level.

Mr. Mango Crack stands out for its vigorous development. Its growth is explosive and fast but it will grow even more during the flowering period, with dense and compact buds. This cultivar needs abundant irrigations to get fully nourished and it will be ready for harvest in 60 days, right before the rains of autumn.

easy to grow cannabis strains

Auto Bubblegum XXL

This GB Strains cultivar is a direct 4th generation Auto Bubblegum descendant. An indica dominant strain with a remarkable strawberry chewing gum flavor and some soft floral touches. Without a doubt, an easy to grow strain with flowers full of resin and a well-balanced effect thanks to its 20% of THC.

Auto Bubblegum XXL produces a great quality yield with large and dense buds. A good quality substrate with a nice NPK fertilizer and plenty of light is all this strain needs to provide a proper yield to cure or to make extracts. It will be ready for harvest in around 75 days.

auto bubblegum xxl

White Runtz

White Runtz by Apex Seeds is an amazing feminized seed created by crossing The White x Runtz. It develops extremely well with strong and resistant stems. This 70% indica dominant hybrid produces relaxing effects but its 30% sativa aspect provides extra protection against plagues. Vanilla flavored with sweet and fruity touches, this cannabis strain adapts well to all sorts of mediums.

This hybrid stands out for its dense flowers full of sticky and aromatic resin. It has a wide terpene profile, therefore, the flavor could vary. Very easy to care for, both indoors and outdoors. It will be ready for harvest in roughly 10 weeks, providing an amazing yield.

easy to grow cannabis strains

Great Strains for Weed Lovers

All strains have their individual characteristics and choice will depend on what the grower is seeking for. However, finding easy to grow cannabis strains that provide great results isn’t so easy. This list includes some of the easiest to grow cannabis strains, but the market is full of great options. You’ll be able to find these and many more in GB The Green Brand, the biggest grow shop in Spain.

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My 1st grow was 4 super skunk plants, they all grew at the same length, from sprout to harvest, and they were awesome, made me feel like a pro my 1st gro

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